TCM Classic Film Tour

Turner Classic Movies and On Location Tours are proud to announce the new TCM Classic Film Tour, a sightseeing bus tour of New York City that provides an insider's view of movie locations and history.

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We have selected the best movie sites around the City to share with you. You'll see the Empire State Building, featured in King Kong and An Affair to Remember. You'll stop at the market showcased in Manhattan and You've Got Mail. You'll see Holly Golightly's brownstone from Breakfast at Tiffany's, see the subway grate where Marilyn Monroe's skirt flew up in The Seven Year Itch, and go on location to Grand Central Terminal, seen in North by Northwest and Superman. You'll even have the chance to match Central Park filming locations to movie clips from various periods in the City's history-from Thomas Edison shorts to Ghostbusters.

Throughout, you'll enjoy movie trivia from a knowledgeable and experienced tour guide. It's the perfect escape for movie fans, but also a great way for anyone to see how much, and how little, the City has changed over the years. So sit back and let TCM do the driving!