It's Not My Body

1h 20m 1970


Delia, an efficient business executive, awakens one morning to find a group of strangers in her room. They identify themselves as members of The Court and force her to accompany them as they drive through a region beyond the boundaries of time. She sits between two golden-limbed men who flow over and into her unwilling body. They lead her to The Court; a majestically-robed woman presides at her trial, while the writhing, near-naked members of the jury hear the evidence. Witnesses from Delia's past file by to testify: a decadent sensualist with aristocratic aspirations; a bright, uninhibited young woman who offered the warmth of her body to anyone in need; and a lonely peeping tom tear away Delia's facade to reveal that she has used her body as a cruel weapon, denying the sexual desire that burned within. Delia refuses the truth. The members of The Court offer themselves to one another freely so that she may understand, but she remains blinded. Left alone to consider her crime, she meets a man who has committed the same offense. Together they find what they believe to be an escape route. Nearby, the members of The Court hover unseen, waiting for the prisoners to break through the sexual barriers that separate them.

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1h 20m