Stepping Lively



"Here is another one of those Richard Talmadge stunt pictures in which this athletic star does his usual stuff of knocking a whole row of yeggs into oblivion, jumping all over the inside and outside of houses, catching the villain after a merry chase which takes hero and bad man over the top of a moving freight and gives him opportunity to jump from the top of a water tank to the moving train as well as stage a fight with the villain on the locomotive which he has detached from the cars. Accused of the theft of some bonds from his employer, Dave Allen, who is in love with the banker's daughter, starts in to round up the real culprits. He disguises himself as a thug and gets the aid of a band of thieves. They find the real thief, a bogus nobleman, but he escapes in a fight that ensues when the gang discovers that Dave has been masquerading. After a chase Dave catches the slippery count and wins the daughter." ( Motion Picture News, 1 Nov 1924, p2234.)

Film Details

Release Date
Sep 28, 1924
Premiere Information
not available
Production Company
Carlos Productions
Distribution Company
Film Booking Offices of America
United States