Sonny Barger


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Hell's Angels On Wheels (1967) -- (Movie Clip) Sonny Barger, President Thundering around the Bay Area, director Richard Rush getting full value for the participation of several chapters of the notorious motorcycle gang, with an odd cameo by the real Sonny Barger, opening Hell’s Angels On Wheels, 1967, starring Adam Roarke and Jack Nicholson.
Hell's Angels On Wheels (1967) -- (Movie Clip) You're One Quart Down The gang noted in the title is roaring into a California town where Jack Nicholson is “Poet,” a gas station attendant, who is not nearly as nervous as his customer or his boss, briefly acknowledged by gang leader Buddy (Adam Roarke), early in Hell’s Angels On Wheels, 1967.
Hell's Angels On Wheels (1967) -- (Movie Clip) Four Sailors Just Jumped Him At a California amusement park, thinking he’s been dropped by the motorcycle gang that seemed about to adopt him, “Poet” (Jack Nicholson) gets into a scrap with sailors, causing Buddy (Adam Roark) to intervene, his gal Shill (Sabrina Scharf) in support, in Hell’s Angels On Wheels, 1967.
Devil's Angels(1967) -- (Movie Clip) Hole In The Wall Cody (John Cassavetes), leading the Skulls, Beverly Adams his girl, tells the gang to break down a motorcycle involved in a hit-and-run then, advised by Joel (Maurice McEndree), decides to lead them to a favorite Western hideout, in the biker exploitation feature Devil’s Angels, 1967.
Hell's Angels '69 -- (Movie Clip) Viva Las Vegas Brothers Chuck (Tom Stern) and Wes (Jeremy Slate) find out after the fact that the club has approved their idea of riding to Las Vegas, but they're expected to prove their worthiness, in Hell's Angels '69, 1969.