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John Justin


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Thief Of Bagdad, The (1940) -- (Movie Clip) This Is No Dog Plenty of spectacle in the opening scene, introducing the evil magician Jaffar (Conrad Veidt) arriving in Basra, and the not-much-explained "Blind Man" (John Justin), in Alexander Korda's The Thief Of Bagdad, 1940.
Thief Of Bagdad, The (1940) -- (Movie Clip) You Talk In Riddles In Basra, blind Ahmad, King of Bagdad (John Justin), closely observed by sneaky Halima (Mary Morris) and her master Jaffar (Conrad Veidt), reveals his back-story and his dog's too, introducing Sabu as "Abu," early in Alexander Korda's The Thief Of Bagdad, 1940.
Crest Of The Wave (1954) -- (Movie Clip) Death Or Glory Boys At a post-WWII British naval research station after a colleague’s death in an accident, Badge (Sidney James) counsels Haggis and Sprog (David Orr, Ray Jackson), joined by Lofty (Bernard Lee), before P-O Herbert (Patric Doonan) intrudes, in John and Ray Boulting’s Crest Of The Wave, 1954.
Crest Of The Wave (1954) -- (Movie Clip) Have A Look At This Midget American Navy scientist Bradville (Gene Kelly) setting terms with Brit Lt. Wharton (John Justin), whose previous supervisor was killed working with the new explosive compound they’re testing, joined by his tech crew (Jeff Richards, Fred Wayne), in the Boulting brothers’ Crest Of The Wave, 1954.
Gentle Sex, The -- (Movie Clip) No Coupons No Cash Shortly following the opening, recruits to Britain's Auxiliary Territorial Service reporting for duty, Lilli Palmer, Rosamund John, Joan Greenwood featured, in the last film directed by the renowned actor Leslie Howard, The Gentle Sex, 1943.
Sound Barrier, The -- (Movie Clip) Opening, Dover The famous white cliffs are seen and the flier is John Justin (as "Philip Peel") in the knockout opening from The Sound Barrier, 1952, David Lean's fictionalized tale of aviation history.