Robert Juillard

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Happy Road, The (1957) -- (Movie Clip) He Was Teaching Us About Baseball Paris-based American widower businessman Mike (producer and director Gene Kelly) has just learned his son escaped from his Swiss boarding school and here, confronting the headmaster (Roger Treville) meets the mother (Barbara Laage) of his French accomplice, and their nobleman pal the Earl (T. Bartlett), early in MGM’s The Happy Road, 1957.
Happy Road, The (1957) -- (Movie Clip) Hold Your Positions Stopped at a military road-block in rural France, American dad Mike (producer-director Gene Kelly) and French mom Suzanne (Barbara Laage), chasing their boarding-school runaway kids (Bobby Clark, Janine Duval) are handed off to a Brit commander (Michael Redgrave), who turns out to be clueless, Colin Mann and Harry Locke in support, in The Happy Road, 1957.
L'Amore (1948) -- (Movie Clip) The Human Voice Anna Magnani is the only performer in the opening scene, and will be throughout this first segment of the film, titled, "Una Voce Umana" or "The Human Voice," from writer, producer and director Roberto Rossellini's L'Amore, a.k.a. "Ways Of Love," 1948.
Germany Year Zero -- (Movie Clip) Innocent Postcards Eva (Ingetraut Hintze) with girlfriends at a Berlin night club, mostly hustling cigarettes, then on a bread line considering her wartime betrothal, in the final film in Roberto Rossellini's neo-realist trilogy, Germany Year Zero. 1947.
Germany Year Zero -- (Movie Clip) I Want A Piece Too! Following the credits including the director's dedication to his son who died of pneumonia during production, young Edmund (Edmund Moeschke) appears in the streets of post-war Berlin, in Roberto Rossellini's Germany Year Zero, 1947.
Germany Year Zero -- (Movie Clip) Speech By Hitler Young Edmund (Edmund Meschke) has been lured-in by lecherous former schoolteacher and still-Nazi Henning (Erich Guhne), who plans to use him to raise some cash off Allied soldiers touring post-war Berlin, in Roberto Rossellini's Germany Year Zero, 1947.