Neva Gerber




Cast (Feature Film)

The Saddle King (1929)
Felice Landreau
Thundering Thompson (1929)
The Old Code (1928)
A Yellow Streak (1927)
Riders of the West (1927)
The Range Riders (1927)
Betty Grannan
The Mystery Brand (1927)
Hellhounds of the Plains (1927)
Esther Lawson
West of the Law (1926)
Alice Armstrong
Fort Frayne (1926)
Helen Farrar
Baited Trap (1926)
Helen Alder
The Fighting Stallion (1926)
Helen Gilmore
Officer 444 (1926)
Warrior Gap (1925)
Elinor Folsom
A Daughter of the Sioux (1925)
Tonio, Son of the Sierras (1925)
Miss Brower
Vic Dyson Pays (1925)
The Mystery Box (1925)
The Whirlwind Ranger (1924)
Western Fate (1924)
Trouble Trail (1924)
Cora Atwood
Sagebrush Gospel (1924)
Lucy Sanderson
California in '49 (1924)
Sierra Sutter
The Seventh Sheriff (1923)
Mary Tweedy
In the West (1923)
Florence Jackson
The Santa Fe Trail (1923)
The Price of Youth (1922)
Adela Monmouth
Impulse (1922)
Julia Merrifield
A Yankee Go-Getter (1921)
Lucia Robilant/Vera Robilant
Dangerous Paths (1921)
Ruth Hammond
The Mysterious Pearl (1921)
The Screaming Shadow (1920)
The Branded Four (1920)
Roped (1919)
A Fight for Love (1919)
Kate McDougal
Pitfalls of a Big City (1919)
Marion Moore
The Trail of the Octopus (1919)
Three Mounted Men (1918)
Lola Masters
Hell Bent (1918)
Bess Thurston
The Mystery Ship (1918)
Mr. Opp (1917)
Guinevere Gusty
The Spindle of Life (1917)
Like Wildfire (1917)
Nina Potter
The Voice on the Wire (1917)
Idle Wives (1916)
The Impersonation (1916)
Rhoda Lyons
An Eye for an Eye (1915)
The High Hand (1915)
Edna Tillinghast
The Criminal Code (1914)

Life Events