Eulalie Jensen




Cast (Feature Film)

Society Doctor (1935)
Mother McCarthy
Men in White (1934)
A Lost Lady (1934)
Mrs. Sloane
Hat Check Girl (1932)
Mrs. Marsh
Two Against the World (1932)
The Cousin
Miss Pinkerton (1932)
Miss Gibbons
So Big (1932)
Mrs. Hemple
Union Depot (1932)
Cafe proprietress
Confessions of a Co-ed (1931)
Dean Marbridge
Never the Twain Shall Meet (1931)
Mrs. Graves
Up Pops the Devil (1931)
Mrs. Kent
Smart Money (1931)
The Eyes of the World (1930)
Mrs. Rutledge
Strong Boy (1929)
Queen of Lisonia
She Goes to War (1929)
Matron of canteen
Mother Machree (1928)
Rachel Van Studdiford
Uncle Tom's Cabin (1928)
God of Mankind (1928)
Freckles (1928)
Bird woman
The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come (1928)
Mrs. Dean
A Kiss in a Taxi (1927)
Valentine Lambert
The Heart Thief (1927)
Countess Lazlos
The King of Kings (1927)
Fig Leaves (1926)
Madame Griswald
Volcano (1926)
Madame de Chauvalons
The Sap (1926)
Mrs. Weston, Barry's mother
Forever After (1926)
Mrs. Clayton
Laddie (1926)
Mrs. Stanton
Bachelor Brides (1926)
Lady Ashfield
The Happy Warrior (1925)
Mrs. Letham
The Scarlet Honeymoon (1925)
Señora Fernando
The Thundering Herd (1925)
Mrs. Randall Jett
With This Ring (1925)
Tabitha Van Buren
The Circle (1925)
Mrs. Shenstone
Charley's Aunt (1925)
Donna Lucia D'Alvádorez
Flower of Night (1925)
Mrs. Bylandt
Ranger of the Big Pines (1925)
Lize Weatherford
Havoc (1925)
Alice Deering
Wine of Youth (1924)
Being Respectable (1924)
Louise Carpenter
The Yankee Consul (1924)
Donna Theresa
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923)
The Woman With Four Faces (1923)
The Mother
Slave of Desire (1923)
Mrs. Gaudin
Haunted Valley (1923)
Rags to Riches (1922)
Mrs. Blackwell Clarke
Any Wife (1922)
Louise Farrata
Deserted at the Altar (1922)
The teacher
When Husbands Deceive (1922)
Lulu Singleton
The Iron Trail (1921)
Mrs. Gordon
The Passion Flower (1921)
Raimunda, her mother
The Crimson Cross (1921)
Mrs. Otto Fischer
Respectable by Proxy (1920)
Elizabeth Roddard
The Whisper Market (1920)
Juliet Saltmarsh
Man and His Woman (1920)
Claire Eaton
In the Shadow of the Dome (1920)
Beating the Odds (1919)
Eva Lake
Human Desire (1919)
Thin Ice (1919)
Rose La Vere
The Girl Problem (1919)
Aunt Julia
The Captain's Captain (1919)
Betty Gallup
The Spark Divine (1919)
Mrs. Van Arsdale
The Cinema Murder (1919)
Mrs. Power
The Desired Woman (1918)
Marie Winship
Tangled Lives (1918)
Cora West
Wild Primrose (1918)
The Triumph of the Weak (1918)
"Diamond" Mabel
Little Miss No-Account (1918)
Ann Wheeler-Ballinger
I Will Repay (1917)
Sally in a Hurry (1917)
Mary Jane's Pa (1917)
Portia Perkins
Clover's Rebellion (1917)
Britton of the Seventh (1916)
Frances Granson
Salvation Joan (1916)
For a Woman's Fair Name (1916)
The Kid (1916)
Marie Paree
The Tarantula (1916)
Donna Luz
The Making over of Geoffrey Manning (1915)
The Juggernaut (1915)
Mrs. Ballard
C.O.D. (1915)
Mrs. Darlington
The Wheels of Justice (1915)
Rita Reynolds
My Official Wife (1914)

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