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Hattie Jacques


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Carry On Cabby (1963) -- (Movie Clip) GlamCabs Peggy (Hattie Jacques), with pal Flo (Esma Cannon) introduces the big gag, in which she’s taken her cab company owner husband’s profits, and hired a crew of dishy girl drivers to compete, (including Amanda Barrie, of Coronation Street, and Carole Shelley) in Carry On Cabby, 1963.
Carry On Cabby (1963) -- (Movie Clip) Shipwrecked Mink Scamming cab company owner Charlie (Sid James) has a gift to appease his under-attended wife Peg (Hattie Jacques), then scampers to brief new drivers, Charles Hawtrey as Pintpot, Milo O’Shea as Len, in the seventh feature in the long-running series Carry On Cabby, 1963.
Carry On Cabby (1963) -- (Movie Clip) Trying To Pinch My Walnut Crackle Opening the seventh in the durable British series, under the Anglo-Amalgamated label, Sid James is cabby Charlie, Hattie Jacques his grumpy wife Peg, Kenneth Connor his manager Ted, Bill Owen as grumpy Smily, Liz Fraser as Sally at the lunch counter, in Carry On Cabby, 1963.
Carry On Teacher -- (Movie Clip) Noxious Ninny Acting headmaster Wakefield (Ted Ray) warns teachers Short (Hattie Jacques), Bean (Charles Hawtrey), Milton (Kenneth Williams) and Adams (Kenneth Connor) of his plans and an upcoming inspection, early in Carry On Teacher, 1962.
Carry On Teacher -- (Movie Clip) Knottier Problems Sneaky students pull a stunt on principal Wakefield (Ted Ray), observed by pompous inspector Grigg (Leslie Phillips), who then visits Short (Hattie Jacques) and student Atkins (Paul Cole) in math class, in Carry On Teacher, 1962.
Carry On Constable -- (Movie Clip) Shocking Bad Luck Wilkins (Sid James) with Moon (Hattie Jacques) and Thurston (Cyril Chamberlain) handling unrest at the station as new recruits Potter (Leslie Phillips), Benson (Kenneth Williams) and Charlie (Kenneth Connor) approach, early in Carry On Constable, 1961.
Bobo, The (1967) -- (Movie Clip) Paid For The Privilege Singing bullfighter Bautista (Peter Sellers) offering money from an imaginary nobleman to courtesan Olimpia (Britt Ekland), whom he's obliged to seduce, her attendant (Hattie Jacques) disapproving, in The Bobo, 1967.