Harrison Ford


Birth Place
Kansas City, Missouri
March 16, 1884
December 02, 1957

Family & Companions

Norma Talmadge




Cast (Feature Film)

Love in High Gear (1932)
Donald Ransome
A Woman Against the World (1928)
Schuyler Van Loan
A Blonde for a Night (1928)
Three Week-ends (1928)
Just Married (1928)
Jack Stanley
Golf Widows (1928)
Charles Bateman
Let 'Er Go Gallegher (1928)
The Rush Hour (1927)
Dan Morley
No Control (1927)
John Douglas, Jr.
Rubber Tires (1927)
Bill James
The Girl in the Pullman (1927)
Dr. Donald Burton
The Night Bride (1927)
Stanley Warrington
The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary (1927)
Jack Watkins
Almost a Lady (1926)
William Duke
The Nervous Wreck (1926)
Henry Williams
Sandy (1926)
Ramon Worth
The Song and Dance Man (1926)
Joseph Murdock
Up in Mabel's Room (1926)
Garry Ainsworth, her ex-husband
Hell's 400 (1926)
John North
Zander The Great (1925)
Dan Murchison
The Marriage Whirl (1925)
Tom Carrol
Proud Flesh (1925)
Don Jaime
That Royle Girl (1925)
Fred Ketlar [King of Jazz]
Lovers in Quarantine (1925)
Anthony Blunt
The Wheel (1925)
Ted Morton
The Mad Marriage (1925)
A Fool's Awakening (1924)
John Briggs
The Average Woman (1924)
Jimmy Munroe
Janice Meredith (1924)
Charles Fownes
The Price of a Party (1924)
Robert Casson
Three Miles Out (1924)
John Locke
Little Old New York (1923)
Larry Delavan
Bright Lights of Broadway (1923)
Thomas Drake
Vanity Fair (1923)
George Osborne
Maytime (1923)
Richard Wayne/Richard, the grandson
Shadows (1922)
John Malden
Find the Woman (1922)
Philip Vandevent
Her Gilded Cage (1922)
Lawrence Pell, his brother
Smilin' Through (1922)
Kenneth Wayne/Jeremiah Wayne
The Old Homestead (1922)
Reuben Whitcomb
The Primitive Lover (1922)
Hector Tomley
When Love Comes (1922)
Peter Jamison
The Passion Flower (1921)
Norbert, The Poet
The Wonderful Thing (1921)
Donald Mannerby
Wedding Bells (1921)
Reginald Carter
Love's Redemption (1921)
Clifford Standish
A Heart To Let (1921)
Burton Forbes
Miss Hobbs (1920)
Wolff Kingsearl
Food for Scandal (1920)
Watt Dinwiddle
Oh, Lady, Lady (1920)
Hale Underwood
A Lady in Love (1920)
Young Mrs. Winthrop (1920)
Douglas Winthrop
Her Beloved Villain (1920)
Easy to Get (1920)
Bob Morehouse
You Never Saw Such a Girl (1919)
Eric Burgess
Experimental Marriage (1919)
Foxcroft Grey
The Third Kiss (1919)
Oliver Cloyne
The Lottery Man (1919)
Foxhall Peyton
Happiness À La Mode (1919)
Richard Townsend
Hawthorne of the U.S.A. (1919)
Rodney Blake
Who Cares? (1919)
Martin Grey
Girls (1919)
Edgar Holt
The Veiled Adventure (1919)
Richard Annesly
Romance and Arabella (1919)
A Pair of Silk Stockings (1918)
Sam Thornhill
Unclaimed Goods (1918)
Danny Donegan
Mrs. Leffingwell's Boots (1918)
Mr. Leffingwell
Sauce for the Goose (1918)
John Constable
The Cruise of the Make-Believes (1918)
Gilbert Byfield
A Lady's Name (1918)
Noel Corcoran
Such a Little Pirate (1918)
Rory O'Malley
Good Night, Paul (1918)
Paul Boudeaux
Viviette (1918)
Austin Ware
A Petticoat Pilot (1918)
Crawford Smith
The Sunset Trail (1917)
Kirke Levington
On the Level (1917)
Joe Blanchard
The Crystal Gazer (1917)
Dick Alden
The Tides of Barnegat (1917)
Sidney Gray
A Roadside Impresario (1917)
Craig Winton
Molly Entangled (1917)
Barney Malone
The Mysterious Mrs. M. (1917)
Raymond Van Seer
Anton the Terrible (1916)
David Burkin
Excuse Me (1915)
Lt. Harry Mallory

Writer (Feature Film)

Bright Lights of Broadway (1923)

Life Events


Norma Talmadge