Lefty Flynn




Cast (Feature Film)

The Golden Stallion (1927)
Wynne Kendall
The Traffic Cop (1926)
Joe Regan
Sir Lumberjack (1926)
William Barlow, Jr.
The College Boob (1926)
Aloysius Appleby
Mulhall's Great Catch (1926)
Joe Mulhall
Glenister of the Mounted (1926)
Sgt. Richard Glenister
O. U. West (1925)
O. U. West
Speed Wild (1925)
Jack Ames
Smilin' at Trouble (1925)
Jerry Foster
Heads Up (1925)
Breckenridge Gamble
High and Handsome (1925)
Joe Hanrahan
The No-Gun Man (1924)
Robert Gerome Vincent
The Breed of the Border (1924)
Circus Lacey
The Millionaire Cowboy (1924)
Charles Christopher Meredyth, Jr., known as "Gallop"
Code of the Sea (1924)
Ewart Radcliff
The Uninvited Guest (1924)
Paul "Gin" Patterson
Open All Night (1924)
Petit Mathieu
The Snow Bride (1923)
André Porel
Hell's Hole (1923)
Dell Hawkins
Drums of Fate (1923)
Laurence Teck
Salomy Jane (1923)
The man
Rough Shod (1922)
"Satan" Latimer
The Woman Who Walked Alone (1922)
Jock MacKinney
Oath-bound (1922)
Ned Hastings
Omar the Tentmaker (1922)
The Christian Crusader
Smiles Are Trumps (1922)
Jimmy Carson
Children of the Night (1921)
Alexic Trouvaine
The Old Nest (1921)
Harry Andrews
Dangerous Curve Ahead (1921)
Anson Newton
Roads of Destiny (1921)
The Night Rose (1921)
Bucking the Line (1921)
John Montague Smith
The Last Trail (1921)
The stranger
The Great Accident (1920)
Sam O'Brien
Officer 666 (1920)
Just Out of College (1920)
Paul Greer
Going Some (1920)
The Silver Horde (1920)
Oh, Boy! (1919)
"Lefty" Flynn

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