Julius Epstein


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In Caliente (1935) -- (Movie Clip) Get Me Some Gay And Frisky Zippy opening, screenplay by Jerry Wald and Julius Epstein, story Ralph Block and Warren Duff, Pat O’Brien and Edward Everett Horton as partners in a New York entertainment rag, chewing through staff (Florence Fair, James Donlan etc.) and evading probably treacherous Glenda Farrell as Clara, in In Caliente, 1935, starring Dolores Del Rio.
In Caliente (1935) -- (Movie Clip) You're Open For Engagements? Edward Everett Horton as New York showbiz mag publisher Brandon has been chasing Dolores Del Rio as dancer Rita around a Tijuana resort, because she’s his angle to get his partner (Pat O’Brien) to ditch his gold-digging fianceè back home, with much sexy posing and smiling, Lloyd Bacon directing, in In Caliente, 1935.
Daughters Courageous (1939) -- (Movie Clip) A Well Brought-Up Mother Fay Bainter is mom to the Masters sisters (Lola Lane, Priscilla Lane, Rosemary Lane and Gale Page) of Carmel, Ca, indirectly informing them that Sam, the landlord, has proposed, early in Warner Bros.’ same-cast but not-sequel to the hit Four Daughters from the previous year, Daughters Courageous, 1939.
Tender Trap, The (1955) -- (Movie Clip) A Lot Of Schmaltz An interesting exercise in pop music interpretation, Broadway novice Julie (Debbie Reynolds), offers one rehearsal rendition, then her quasi-agent Charlie (Frank Sinatra) who, we discover, is a darn fine singer, offers another, of the title song by Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn, in The Tender Trap, 1955.
Tender Trap, The (1955) -- (Movie Clip) I'm Big And Strong And Fat Lifelong pal Joe (David Wayne), having just left his wife and kids, is admiring showbiz agent bachelor friend Charlie (Frank Sinatra) having a parade of female guests at his New York pad, Jessica (Jarma Lewis) the latest, early in The Tender Trap, 1955.
Tender Trap, The (1955) -- (Movie Clip) Scarsdale Public High Agent Charlie (Frank Sinatra) with visiting married friend Joe (David Wayne) and erstwhile girlfriend Sylvia (Celeste Holm), all of them impressed at how unimpressed Julie (Debbie Reynolds) is with being offered a part in a Broadway show, in The Tender Trap, 1955.