Kathleen Howard





Cast (Feature Film)

The Petty Girl (1950)
Professor Langton
Born to Be Bad (1950)
Mrs. Bolton
Cry of the City (1948)
Miss Pruett's mother
The Bride Goes Wild (1948)
Aunt Susan
Cross My Heart (1947)
Mrs. Klute
Curley (1947)
Aunt Martha
The Late George Apley (1947)
Cynthia (1947)
Miss Susie Slagle's (1946)
Miss Wingate
Danger Woman (1946)
Mysterious Intruder (1946)
Rose Denning
Centennial Summer (1946)
Snafu (1945)
Dean Garrett
Shady Lady (1945)
Eadie Was a Lady (1945)
Aunt Priscilla
Laura (1944)
Reckless Age (1944)
Sarah Wadsworth
Swing Out the Blues (1944)
Aunt Amanda
My Kingdom for a Cook (1943)
Mrs. Carter
Crash Dive (1943)
Miss Bromley
Lady in a Jam (1942)
Ball of Fire (1942)
Miss Bragg
Take a Letter, Darling (1942)
Aunt Minnie
The Mad Martindales (1942)
Grandmother Varney
You Were Never Lovelier (1942)
Grandmother Acuna
Miss Polly (1941)
Mrs. [Minerva] Snodgrass
A Girl, a Guy and a Gob (1941)
Blossoms in the Dust (1941)
Mrs. Keats
Sweetheart of the Campus (1941)
Mrs. Minnie [Lambert] Sparr
One Night in the Tropics (1940)
Mystery Sea Raider (1940)
Maggie Clancy
Young People (1940)
Hester Appleby
Five Little Peppers in Trouble (1940)
Mrs. [Martha] Wilcox
Rio (1939)
Adrienne Lamartine
Little Accident (1939)
Mrs. Allerton
First Love (1939)
Miss Wiggins
When G-Men Step In (1938)
Mrs. Drake
The Hit Parade (1937)
Mrs. Barrett
Stolen Holiday (1937)
Mme. Delphine
The Man on the Flying Trapeze (1935)
Leona Wolfinger
Lady by Choice (1934)
Mrs. Mills
It's a Gift (1934)
Amelia Bissonette
Once to Every Bachelor (1934)
Aunt Henrietta
You're Telling Me! (1934)
Mrs. [Edward Quimby] Murchison
Death Takes a Holiday (1934)
Princess Maria
One More River (1934)
Lady Charwell

Life Events


Singer, Metropolitan Opera


Fashion editor, Harper's Baazar


Film acting debut


Movie Clip

It's A Gift (1934) -- (Movie Clip) Your Uncle Bean It's actually big news arriving, as Bissonette (W.C. Fields) attempts to share the bathroom with his daughter Mildred (Jean Rouverol) while he's shaving, in Paramount's It's A Gift, 1934.
Laura (1944) -- (Movie Clip) Sharecroppers, No Doubt Columnist Waldo (Clifton Webb) spying on the murdered title character (Gene Tierney) in flashback, resuming narration for cop McPherson (Dana Andrews), moving on to her first meeting with Shelby (Vincent Price), facilitated by cook Louise (Kathleen Howard), in Otto Preminger's Laura, 1944.
Ball Of Fire (1942) -- (Movie Clip) Know Anything About Zippers? Professors (Aubrey Mather, Henry Travers, Tully Marshall et al) diverting matron Miss Bragg (Kathleen Howard) when guest Sugarpuss (Barbara Stanwyck) appears, hurrying to join Potts (Gary Cooper), in Howard Hawks' Ball Of Fire, 1942.
Girl, A Guy And A Gob, A (1941) -- (Movie Clip) Why Doesn't He Assert Himself? First scene, Edmond O'Brien is Stephen, the rich "guy" at the opera with snooty fiancée and mom (Marguerite Chapman, Nella Walker), not expecting to meet the "girl" (Lucille Ball) and family (George Cleveland, Kathleen Howard, Lloyd Corrigan), in RKO's A Girl, A Guy And A Gob (1941).
Girl, A Guy And A Gob, A (1941) -- (Movie Clip) Tatoo Artist In Singapore First scene for the “gob,” George Murphy as wrestler and navy man “Coffee Cup,” surprising girlfriend Dot (Lucille Ball), and her mother (Kathleen Howard), father (George Cleveland) and brother (Lloyd Corrigan), in RKO’s A Girl, A Guy And A Gob, 1941, also starring Edmond O’Brien.