Joseph J. Dowling




Cast (Feature Film)

The Rainmaker (1926)
Father Murphy
Why Girls Go Back Home (1926)
Joe Downey
The Two-Gun Man (1926)
The Little Irish Girl (1926)
Captain Dugan
Lorraine of the Lions (1925)
Livingston, Sr.
Flower of Night (1925)
Don Geraldo y Villalon
Confessions of a Queen (1925)
Duke of Rosen
The Golden Princess (1925)
New Lives for Old (1925)
Senator Warren
Lord Jim (1925)
Tess of the D'Urbervilles (1924)
The Priest
Untamed Youth (1924)
Reverend Loranger
The Gaiety Girl (1924)
William Tudor
Unseen Hands (1924)
Georges Le Quintrec
The Law Forbids (1924)
Women Who Give (1924)
Capt. Bijonah Keeler
Those Who Dare (1924)
David Rollins
Her Night of Romance (1924)
Professor Gregg
One Night in Rome (1924)
Prince Danieli
A Man's Man (1923)
President Sarros
The Spider and the Rose (1923)
The governor
The Christian (1923)
Father Lampleigh
The Girl Who Came Back (1923)
"Old 565"
The Courtship of Miles Standish (1923)
Elder Brewster
Enemies of Children (1923)
Tiger Rose (1923)
Father Thibault
Dollar Devils (1923)
Zannon Carthy
The Danger Point (1922)
The Trail of the Axe (1922)
Doctor Somers
The Girl Who Ran Wild (1922)
Calaveras John
The Pride of Palomar (1922)
Don Miguel
The Half Breed (1922)
Judge Huntington
One Clear Call (1922)
Colonel Garnett
If You Believe It, It's So (1922)
Ezra Wood, a patriarch
The Infidel (1922)
Reverend Mead
Quincy Adams Sawyer (1922)
Nathaniel Sawyer
The Breaking Point (1921)
Mrs. Marshall
The Grim Comedian (1921)
Carleton Hutchins
The Other Woman (1921)
Colonel Joyce
A Certain Rich Man (1921)
Col. Martin Culpepper
Fightin' Mad (1921)
James McGraw
The Sin of Martha Queed (1921)
Marvin Queed
The Beautiful Liar (1921)
The Lure of Egypt (1921)
Professor Lampton
Little Lord Fauntleroy (1921)
Haversham, the Earl's counsel
His Nibs (1921)
The Girl's Father
The Devil to Pay (1920)
George Roan
The U.P. Trail (1920)
"Place" Hough
Big Happiness (1920)
Alick Crayshaw
$30,000 (1920)
Annester Norton
The Spenders (1920)
Uncle Peter Bines
The Kentucky Colonel (1920)
Col. Remington Osbury
The House of Whispers (1920)
Rufus Gaston
The Dream Cheater (1920)
Shib Mizah
Riders of the Dawn (1920)
Tom Anderson
Everybody's Sweetheart (1920)
General Phillip Bingham
Live Sparks (1920)
David Pratt
A Splendid Hazard (1920)
French émigré
The Midnight Stage (1919)
"Twisted" Tuttle
The Miracle Man (1919)
The Patriarch
The Lord Loves the Irish (1919)
Dr. Leon Wilson/Hugo Strauss
All of a Sudden Norma (1919)
Hamilton Brisbane
The Master Man (1919)
George R. Vanter
The Joyous Liar (1919)
Wilbur Warren
A White Man's Chance (1919)
William Roberts
Kitty Kelly, M.D. (1919)
The False Code (1919)
Daniel Grey
Beckoning Roads (1919)
Baron Brinker
Adele (1919)
Doctor Bleneau
Her Purchase Price (1919)
Josselyn's Wife (1919)
Grandpa Latimer
A Man in the Open (1919)
James Brown
A Man's Country (1919)
Marshall Leland
A Man's Man (1918)
President Sarros
An Alien Enemy (1918)
Baron von Mecklin
The Bells (1918)
Humdrum Brown (1918)
John Fryeburg
Social Ambition (1918)
Old Joe
Wedlock (1918)
Philip Merrill
More Trouble (1918)
Cecil Morrowton
Patriotism (1918)
Sir Angus Cameron
And a Still Small Voice (1918)
Col. Robert Singleton
Blindfolded (1918)
Patrick "The Ear" Muldoon
A Little Sister of Everybody (1918)
Nicholas Marinoff
The Goddess of Lost Lake (1918)
Marshall Thorne
A Law unto Herself (1918)
LeSieur Juste DeLarme
One Dollar Bid (1918)
Colonel Poindexter Dare
Madam Who (1918)
"Parson" John Kennedy
Maid O' the Storm (1918)
Andy MacTavish
Honor's Cross (1918)
David Stevens
With Hoops of Steel (1918)
Col. Whittaker
Carmen of the Klondike (1918)
Saleratus Joe
His Robe of Honor (1918)
Bruce Nelson
The Ghost of the Rancho (1918)
Jeffrey's grandfather
Free and Equal (1918)
The colonel
Alimony (1917)
William Jackson
Sudden Jim (1917)
Judge Zanaan Frame
Wooden Shoes (1917)
Captain Hendrik von der Bloom
The Square Deal Man (1917)
Two Spot
The Pinch Hitter (1917)
Obediah Parker
Master of His Home (1917)
Bill Boggs
Paddy O'Hara (1917)
Count Ivan of Darbaya
The Gun Fighter (1917)
"Ace High" Larkins
The Iced Bullet (1917)
The butler
Home (1916)
Count d'Orr
The Deserter (1916)
Colonel Taylor
The Criminal (1916)
Carlos Lupoli
The Apostle of Vengeance (1916)
Tom McCoy
Somewhere in France (1916)
General Andres
Bullets and Brown Eyes (1916)
Count Ivan
The Thoroughbred (1916)
Doc. Witherspoon
The Beckoning Flame (1916)
The Stepping Stone (1916)
W. B. Prescott
The Man from Oregon (1915)
The Iron Strain (1915)
Justice of the peace
The Brink (1915)

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