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World Apart, A (1988) -- (Movie Clip) Open, Be Cheerful Opening sequence featuring Barbara Hershey, Jeroen Krabbe and young Jodhi May (as "Molly") who, as Shawn Slovo, grew up to write the autobiographical screenplay, from director Chris Menges' A World Apart, 1988.
Shoot The Piano Player (1960) -- (Movie Clip) I Ran Into This Streetlight Obscurity and misdirection from the start of Francois Truffaut's second feature, as we discover Chico (Albert Remy), running from thugs then chatting up a stranger (Alex Joffe) is not the hero, but only the brother of "Charlie" (Charles Aznavour), in Shoot The Piano Player, 1960.
Jules And Jim (1962) -- (Movie Clip) Opening, I'm Therese Exuberant opening to Francois Truffaut's third film, Jules and Jim, 1962, in which Jules (Oskar Werner), Jim (Henri Serre) and Therese (Marie Dubois) are introduced in Paris, 1912.
Jules And JIm (1962) -- (Movie Clip) So No One Has Changed French Jim (Henri Serre) is escorted by Catherine (Jeanne Moreau) and daughter Sabine (Sabine Haudepin) as he comes to visit Jules (Oskar Werner), her husband and his long-time best friend, in Germany, after the being separated for years during World War I, in Francois Truffaut's Jules and Jim, 1962.
Player, The (1992) -- Touch Of Evil Robert Altman’s opening shot runs eight minutes and seven seconds, surpassing the Orson Welles shot from Touch Of Evil, 1956, referred to twice by Fred Ward, and we meet handfuls of studio people, principally Tim Robbins as exe Griffin, and Buck Henry pitching a sequel to his own movie, in The Player, 1992.
Day For Night (1973) -- (Movie Clip) She Must Be Fine Now Nathalie Baye and Dani as crew members Joelle and Odile, Walter Bal the cameraman, director Francois Truffaut playing director Ferrand, Jacqueline Bisset as actress Julie, dominating without appearing, Bernard Menez the prop man, and Jean-Pierre Leaud as actor Alphonse, in Day For Night, 1973.
Day For Night (1973) -- (Movie Clip) The Way I Do With Fellini Valentina Cortese, in an Academy Award-nominated performance as tipsy French actress Severine, struggles in her first scene with director Francois Truffaut, playing movie director Ferrand, Jean-Pierre Aumont as actor Alexandre, her one-time lover, playing her husband in Day For Night, 1973.
Hoosiers (1986) -- (Movie Clip) Seven Players Coaching his first Indiana high school basketball practice, Norman Dale (Gene Hackman) deals with some insubordination then gets to a montage, in director David Anspaugh's Hoosiers, 1986.
Bride Wore Black, The -- (Movie Clip) Opening, Julie That's genuine Bernard Hermann music with the intriguing opening sequence to Francois Truffaut's Hitchcock-influenced The Bride Wore Black, 1968, starring Jeanne Moreau, from a novel by William Irish.
Song Remains The Same, The - Led Zeppelin -- (Movie Clip) Led Zeppelin roar into the break from "Heartbreaker" in this scene from The Song Remains The Same (1976).