Herbert Heyes




Cast (Feature Film)

The Ten Commandments (1956)
Old councillor
The Far Horizons (1955)
President Thomas Jefferson
New York Confidential (1955)
James Marshall
Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing (1955)
Father Low
The Seven Little Foys (1955)
Sincerely Yours (1955)
J. R. Aldrich
The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell (1955)
General John J. Pershing
Ruby Gentry (1953)
Judge Tackman
Let's Do It Again (1953)
Mr. Randolph
Man of Conflict (1953)
Mr. Evans
Something to Live For (1952)
Carbine Williams (1952)
Lionel Daniels
Park Row (1952)
Josiah Davenport
Bedtime For Bonzo (1951)
Dean Tillinghast
Three Guys Named Mike (1951)
Scott Bellamy
Only the Valiant (1951)
Col. Drumm
A Place in the Sun (1951)
Charles Eastman
Tripoli (1950)
General [William] Eaton
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (1950)
Ezra Dobson
Union Station (1950)
Henry Murchison
T-Men (1948)
Chief Carson
Behind Locked Doors (1948)
Judge Finlay Drake
The Cobra Strikes (1948)
Dr. Damon Cameron/Ted Cameron
Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
Mr. Gimbel
Wilson (1945)
The Fighting Seabees (1944)
Capt. Millard
Detective Kitty O'Day (1944)
Robert Jeffers
Million Dollar Kid (1944)
[John] Cortland
Outlaws of Santa Fe (1944)
Henry Jackson
Cowboy Canteen (1944)
Major C. L. Cox
Mr. Winkle Goes to War (1944)
Standing Room Only (1944)
Here Comes Elmer (1943)
House doctor
It Ain't Hay (1943)
Spy Train (1943)
Max Thornwald
Campus Rhythm (1943)
Death Valley Manhunt (1943)
Judge Jim Hobart
Teen Age (1943)
District Attorney
Calling Wild Bill Elliott (1943)
Governor Steven Nichols
The Purple V (1943)
American colonel
Is Everybody Happy? (1943)
King of the Cowboys (1943)
Mission to Moscow (1943)
Bombardier (1943)
Chatterbox (1943)
Harvest Melody (1943)
Tennessee Johnson (1942)
Destination Unknown (1942)
Between Us Girls (1942)
It Is the Law (1924)
Justin Victor
One Stolen Night (1923)
Herbert Medford
Shattered Dreams (1922)
Louis du Bois
The Dangerous Moment (1921)
George Duray
Dr. Jim (1921)
Captain Blake
The Queen of Sheba (1921)
Tamaran, courtier of Sheba
Ever Since Eve (1921)
The Blushing Bride (1921)
Kingdom Ames
Wolves of the North (1921)
"Wiki" Jack Horn
The Land of Jazz (1920)
Ruth of the Rockies (1920)
Gambling in Souls (1919)
"Duke" Charters
More Deadly Than the Male (1919)
Terry O'Hara
Children of Banishment (1919)
Allen Mackenzie
The Adventures of Ruth (1919)
Her Inspiration (1918)
Harold Montague
The Bird of Prey (1918)
Robert Bradley
Heart of the Sunset (1918)
Dave Law
Salome (1918)
The Lesson (1918)
John Galvin
The Heart of Rachael (1918)
Dr. Warren Gregory
The Fallen Angel (1918)
Harry Adams
The Tiger Woman (1917)
Mark Harris
The Outsider (1917)
The Darling of Paris (1917)
Captain Phoebus
The Slave (1917)
David Atwell
The Straight Way (1916)
John Madison
The Victim (1916)
Dr. Boulden
Under Two Flags (1916)
Bertie Cecil
The Vixen (1916)
Knowles Murray

Cast (Special)

Miracle on 34th Street (1955)
Mr Gimbel

Cast (Short)

Important Business (1944)
Main Street Today (1944)

Life Events


Movie Clip

Park Row (1952) -- (Movie Clip) Opening, Blood and Ink A dedication to stir any journalist's heart leading to narration and opening credits from writer, producer and director Sam Fuller's Park Row, 1952, starring Gene Evanss.
Park Row (1952) -- (Movie Clip) Her Front Page Disgruntled reporter Mitchell (Gene Evans) at the bar, to the graveyard, and back at the bar, confronted by employer Charity Hackett (Mary Welch) in ex-newsman Samuel Fuller's Park Row, 1952.
Park Row (1952) -- (Movie Clip) Make it Fresh! Two vignettes with writer, producer, director Sam Fuller using the crab dolly instead of edits, as Mitchell (Gene Evans) launches "The Globe" with help from publisher Leach (Stuart Randall) and typesetter Angelo (Don Orlando) in Park Row, 1952.
Park Row (1952) -- (Movie Clip) Words and Garbage Another remarkable long take from writer, producer, director Sam Fuller, as rival publisher Charity (Mary Welch) tries to lure German printer Mergenthaler (Bela Kovacs) to her paper in Park Row, 1952.
Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing (1955) -- (Movie Clip) Spellbound By My Own Country Discouraged at work, Anglo-Chinese doctor Han Suyin (Jennifer Jones) is escorted to a Hong Kong party by colleague Dr. Keith (Murray Matheson) where hostess Adeline (Isobel Elsom) seems benevolent if imperialistic, meeting her husband (Torin Thatcher) and journalist Elliott (leading man William Holden), early in Love Is A Many Splendored Thing, 1955.
Place In The Sun, A (1951) -- (Movie Clip) It's An Eastman Director George Stevens’ opening, re-setting Book Two of Theodore Dreiser’s An American Tragedy, published in 1925, in current times, introducing Montgomery Clift, whom we will learn is George Eastman, in A Place In The Sun, 1951, with Elizabeth Taylor and Shelley Winters.
Place In The Sun, A (1951) -- (Movie Clip) Misspent Youth Not the first encounter but the first chat, sparked by his not-faked pool shooting, between factory worker George Eastman (Montgomery Clift) and jet-set Angela (Elizabeth Taylor), with her host, his uncle and employer (Herbert Heyes) cutting-in, in George Stevens' A Place In The Sun, 1951.
Park Row (1952) -- (Movie Clip) Fourth Estate Idealism as pure as any in a film by writer, producer, director and ex-journalist Sam Fuller, as veteran reporter Davenport (Herbert Heyes) recollects for editor Mitchell (Gene Evans) in Park Row, 1952.
Place In The Sun, A (1951) -- (Movie Clip) It's More Like Social Work The prosperous Eastmans (Herbert Heyes, Kathryn Givney and kids Keefe Brasselle, Lois Chartrand), who own a factory in fictional Carthage, receive poor relation George (Montgomery Clift), before all are swept away by Angela Vickers (Elizabeth Taylor) early in George Stevens’ A Place In The Sun, 1951.
T-Men (1947) -- (Movie Clip) A Tight And Tough Outfit Herbert Heyes as Treasury officer Carson could pass for a non-actor, framing the case before Reed Hadley's narration introduces our heroes, Dennis O'Keefe as O'Brien, Alfred Ryder as Genaro, in Anthony Mann's terse quasi-documentary Noir T-Men, 1947.
Far Horizons, The -- (Movie Clip) Louisiana Purchase President Jefferson (Herbert Heyes) has summoned his secretary Meriwether Lewis (Fred MacMurray) to discuss an assignment mapping the new piece of land he's bought, in The Far Horizons, 1955.