Dorothy Dalton


Birth Place
Chicago, Illinois
September 22, 1893
April 13, 1972

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Family & Companions

Arthur Hammerstein
Broadway producer. Married April 22, 1924 until his death.




Cast (Feature Film)

The Lone Wolf (1924)
Lucy Shannon
The Moral Sinner (1924)
Leah Kleschna
The Law of the Lawless (1923)
Fog Bound (1923)
Gale Brenon
Dark Secrets (1923)
Ruth Rutherford
The Woman Who Walked Alone (1922)
The Honorable Iris Champneys
On the High Seas (1922)
Leone Deveraux
The Siren Call (1922)
Charlotte Woods, a dancer
Fool's Paradise (1922)
Poll Patchouli
The Crimson Challenge (1922)
Tharon Last
Moran of the Lady Letty (1922)
Moran [Letty Sternersen]
The Idol of the North (1921)
Colette Brissac
Behind Masks (1921)
Jeanne Mesurier
Black Is White (1920)
Guilty of Love (1920)
Thelma Miller
Half an Hour (1920)
Lady Lillian
A Romantic Adventuress (1920)
Alice Vanni
The Dark Mirror (1920)
Priscilla Maine/Nora O'Moore
The Market of Souls (1919)
Helen Armes
Other Men's Wives (1919)
Cynthia Brock
Hard Boiled (1919)
Corinne Melrose
Extravagance (1919)
Helen Douglas
The Lady of Red Butte (1919)
Faro Fan
The Homebreaker (1919)
Mary Marbury
L'xx Apache (1919)
Natalie Bourget/Helen Armstrong
His Wife's Friend (1919)
Lady Marion Grimwood
Love Me (1918)
Maida Madison
"Flare-Up" Sal (1918)
"Flare-Up" Sal
The Mating of Marcella (1918)
Marcella Duranzo
Quicksand (1918)
Mary Bowen
Green Eyes (1918)
Shirley Hunter
Tyrant Fear (1918)
Allaine Grandet
The Kaiser's Shadow, or the Triple Cross (1918)
Paula Harris
Vive La France! (1918)
Jenevieve Bouchette
The Kaiser's Shadow (1918)
Unfaithful (1918)
The Flame of the Yukon (1917)
Ethel Evans
The Dark Road (1917)
Cleo Murison
Back of the Man (1917)
Ellen Holton
Wild Winship's Widow (1917)
Catherine Winship
Ten of Diamonds (1917)
Neva Blaine
Chicken Casey (1917)
"Chicken" Casey/Mavis Marberry
The Price Mark (1917)
Paula Lee
Love Letters (1917)
Eileen Rodney
The Weaker Sex (1917)
Ruth Tilden
A Gamble in Souls (1916)
Freda Maxey
The Raiders (1916)
Dorothy Haldeman
The Vagabond Prince (1916)
The Jungle Child (1916)
The Female of the Species (1916)
Gloria Marley
D'artagnan (1916)
Queen Anne
Civilization's Child (1916)
Ellen McManus
The Captive God (1916)
The Disciple (1915)
Mary Houston
Across the Pacific (1914)
Elsie Escott
Pierre of the Plains (1914)
Jen Galbraith

Life Events


Arthur Hammerstein
Broadway producer. Married April 22, 1924 until his death.