Edward Coxen




Cast (Feature Film)

Thunder Trail (1937)
Code of the Range (1936)
Angus McLeod
Wild Girl (1932)
The Spoilers (1930)
Galloping Fury (1927)
James Gordon
God's Great Wilderness (1927)
Paul Goodheart
The Man in the Shadow (1926)
Harry Jackson
Cold Nerve (1925)
The Man Without a Country (1925)
Lieutenant Harper
The Return of Grey Wolf (1925)
Charles Hendrickson
Singer Jim McKee (1924)
Hamlin Glass, Jr.
Flashing Spurs (1924)
Steve Clammert, "The Spider"
Scaramouche (1924)
Our Hospitality (1923)
John McKay
Temporary Marriage (1923)
Prosecuting attorney
Foolish Mothers (1923)
The Flying Dutchman (1923)
A Man's Man (1923)
John Cafferty
Nine Points of the Law (1922)
Bruce McLeod
The Veiled Woman (1922)
The Piper
The Stranger of the Hills (1922)
Desperate Trails (1921)
Walter A. Walker
The Path She Chose (1920)
Witch's Gold (1920)
The Amazing Woman (1920)
Ralph Strong
Honor Bound (1920)
James Ellison
Mountain Madness (1920)
Martin Hale
Desert Gold (1919)
Captain George Thorne
The Betrayal (1919)
Karl Sturm
In Old Kentucky (1919)
Joe Lorey
The Heart of Rachael (1918)
Joe Pickering
Go West, Young Man (1918)
Dandy Jim
Blindfolded (1918)
Robert Benton
Madam Who (1918)
John Armitage
The Crime of the Hour (1918)
The White Lie (1918)
Gordon Kingsley
The Bells (1918)
Within the Cup (1918)
Ernst Faber
Carmen of the Klondike (1918)
Cameron Stewart
Honor's Cross (1918)
Lee Stevens
A Law unto Herself (1918)
Bertrand Beaubien
The Curse of Eve (1917)
John Gilbert
Beware of Strangers (1917)
Harry Lyttle
The Voice of Love (1916)
Philip Morse
A Woman's Daring (1916)
Philip Rogers

Cast (Short)

A Failure at Fifty (1939)
The Sunday Round-Up (1937)

Life Events