John Cossar




Cast (Feature Film)

The Fire Detective (1929)
Woman's Law (1927)
John Collon
Web of Fate (1927)
Carlton Townsend
The Sap (1926)
Janet's father
The Great Diamond Mystery (1924)
The Fast Express (1924)
Fools and Riches (1923)
President of the railroad
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923)
Judge of court
The Steel Trail (1923)
Watch Your Step (1922)
Henry Slocum
Doubling for Romeo (1922)
Foster [Capulet]
Thorns and Orange Blossoms (1922)
Pio Guerra, Rosita's manager
Grand Larceny (1922)
When Husbands Deceive (1922)
Andrew Singleton
Made in Heaven (1921)
Mr. Hadden
The Night Rose (1921)
The Poverty of Riches (1921)
Edward Phillips, Sr.
Hearts and Masks (1921)
John Gaynor
That Something (1920)
Thieves (1919)
The Long Arm of Mannister (1919)
John Dyack
When Fate Decides (1919)
Love Is Love (1919)
Chief of police
The Feud (1919)
Horace Summers
Home (1919)
John Deering
Vagabond Luck (1919)
Jim Richardson
The Highest Trump (1919)
General Graham
Common Clay (1919)
Mr. Fullerton
Love Insurance (1919)
Whom the Gods Would Destroy (1919)
The Game's Up (1919)
P. Van Rennselear Neyland
A Pair of Sixes (1918)
The Marriage Ring (1918)
James Wardrobe
Beans (1918)
Her Country First (1918)
Franklin Grant
The Trufflers (1917)
Dr. Hubbell Harkness
On Trial (1917)
Fools for Luck (1917)
Mr. Lamkin
Pants (1917)
Father of poor boy
The Dream Doll (1917)
Her Father
Satan's Private Door (1917)
Thomas Chatterton
The Fibbers (1917)
Phillip Allen
Gift O' Gab (1917)
Mr. Dinsmore
Two-Bit Seats (1917)
Mr. Faulkner
The Return of Eve (1916)
John Raymond
The Prince of Graustark (1916)
Baron Danglos
The Chaperon (1916)
Mr. Combs
The Little Shepherd of Bargain Row (1916)
Henry Hyman
The Misleading Lady (1916)
John W. Cannell
The Man Trail (1915)
Elihu Peabody
The Blindness of Virtue (1915)
Lord Aberlady
The Crimson Wing (1915)
Paul D'Arblay
The White Sister (1915)
Minister of War
The Alster Case (1915)
One Wonderful Night (1914)
Horace P. Curtis

Life Events