William Conklin





Cast (Feature Film)

The Divine Lady (1929)
[George] Romney
Shanghai Rose (1929)
Henry West
Life's Crossroads (1928)
The stranger
Tumbling River (1927)
Jim Barton
Outlaws of Red River (1927)
Captain Dunning
Rose of the Golden West (1927)
Commander Sloat
Sweet Rosie O'Grady (1926)
James Brady
Faithful Wives (1926)
Governor Turner
Old Ironsides (1926)
Esther's father
The Rag Man (1925)
Mr. Richard L. Scott
Fifth Avenue Models (1925)
Abel von Groot
Ports of Call (1925)
Archer Rainsford
A Gentleman Roughneck (1925)
Winds of Chance (1925)
Counsel for the Defense (1925)
Thomas Burke
The Man Without a Country (1925)
Captain Danforth
Stolen Secrets (1924)
Chapman Hoggins
The Goldfish (1924)
J. Hamilton Powers
Never Say Die (1924)
Dr. Gerhardt
The Meanest Man in the World (1923)
Frederick Leggett
Daytime Wives (1923)
Amos Martin
The Man Alone (1923)
Charles Temple
The Lonely Road (1923)
Dr. Devereaux
Three Who Paid (1923)
Jude Cartright
The Lone Star Ranger (1923)
Major Longstreth/Cheseldine
The Woman He Married (1922)
Andrew Warren
The Unfoldment (1922)
Charles MacLaughlin
Iron to Gold (1922)
George Kirby
When Husbands Deceive (1922)
Marshall Walsh
Up and Going (1922)
Basil Du Bois
The Other Woman (1921)
Spencer Ellis
The Lure of Youth (1921)
Morton Mortimer
Beau Revel (1921)
Fred Lathom
Blind Hearts (1921)
James Curdy
The Brute Master (1920)
Walter Maxwell
Love Madness (1920)
Joe the Swell
Sex (1920)
Phillip Overman
Hairpins (1920)
Hal Gordon
The Woman in the Suitcase (1920)
Mr. Moreland
When Dawn Came (1920)
Dr. Thurston
What Every Woman Learns (1919)
John Matson
Red Hot Dollars (1919)
Peter Garton
Come Again Smith (1919)
Franklin Overton
Hay Foot, Straw Foot (1919)
Harry Weller
The Drifters (1919)
Evan Mears
When Fate Decides (1919)
Herbert Loudon
The Haunted Bedroom (1919)
Dr. James Dunwoody
The Virtuous Thief (1919)
Walter Haskell
Stepping Out (1919)
Frank Wilson
The Mating of Marcella (1918)
Count Louis Le Favri
Tyrant Fear (1918)
Jules Latour
The Turn of a Card (1918)
William Phelps
"Flare-Up" Sal (1918)
Dandy Dave Hammond
Love Me (1918)
Rupert Fenton
The Velvet Hand (1918)
Count Paul Trovelli
North of 53 (1917)
Andrew Bush
The Prison Without Walls (1917)
Norman Morris
Out of the Wreck (1917)
James Aldrich
The Masked Heart (1917)
John Villiers
The Stolen Play (1917)
Charles Edmay
Sold at Auction (1917)
Richard Stanley
Golden Rule Kate (1917)
Rev. Gavin McGregor
The Serpent's Tooth (1917)
James Winthrop
Love Letters (1917)
Raymond Moreland
The Devil's Bait (1917)
Dr. Royal Sheldon
The Price Mark (1917)
Fielding Powell
Joan the Woman (1916)
John of Luxembourg
The Twin Triangle (1916)
MacCanley Byrnes
The Yellow Pawn (1916)
Allen Perry
Inherited Passions (1916)
Masie's father
The Sultana (1916)
Dr. Thomas Mills
The Shrine of Happiness (1916)
Dick Clark
Spellbound (1916)
Harrington Graeme
Neal of the Navy (1916)
In Mizzoura (1914)
The Ragged Earl (1914)
Sir Henry Hardcastle
Soldiers of Fortune (1914)
General Mendoza
Pierre of the Plains (1914)
Arizona (1913)
Captain Hodgman

Film Production - Main (Special)

The Statue of Liberty (1985)
Production Consultant

Life Events


Film acting debut in "Neal of the Navy"