Warren Cook




Cast (Feature Film)

The Lunatic at Large (1927)
Dr. Wilkins
Lew Tyler's Wives (1926)
Mr. Philips
Wild, Wild Susan (1925)
Chauncey Ames Waterbury
Shore Leave (1925)
Admiral Smith
The Truth About Women (1924)
His Darker Self (1924)
The governor
Fog Bound (1923)
Revenue Officer Brenon
The Silent Command (1923)
Ambassador Mendizabal
Dark Secrets (1923)
Dr. Case
The Broken Violin (1923)
Thomas Kitterly
John Smith (1922)
Slim Shoulders (1922)
John Clinton Warren
Conceit (1921)
The Last Door (1921)
The Girl From Nowhere (1921)
Judge Cole
Worlds Apart (1921)
Ten Eyck
Suspicious Wives (1921)
James Brunton, Sr.
The Fighter (1921)
Senator Burke
Is Life Worth Living? (1921)
Mr. Borden
The Man of Stone (1921)
Lord Branton
The Point of View (1920)
Thorncroft, Sr.
Civilian Clothes (1920)
Mr. Lanham
Whispers (1920)
The Woman God Sent (1920)
Jack West, Sr.
Lady Rose's Daughter (1920)
War Minister
April Folly (1920)
Earl of Mannister
My Lady's Garter (1920)
Brokaw Hamilton
The Wonderful Chance (1920)
Parker Winton
The Flapper (1920)
Senator King
Broadway and Home (1920)
John Stephens
A Manhattan Knight (1920)
Their uncle
The Unveiling Hand (1919)
Dr. Wallace
His Wife's Friend (1919)
Sir Robert Grimwood
Reclaimed: the Struggle for a Soul Between Love and Hate (1919)
Col. John Truman
The Right to Lie (1919)
J. Winthrop Drake
Five Thousand an Hour (1918)
Raymond Courtney
The Challenge Accepted (1918)
Capt. Roderick Brooke
The Whirlpool (1918)
Colonel Warren
A Doll's House (1918)
Dr. Rank
The Sins of the Children (1918)
Dr. Hunter Guthrie
Woman (1918)
The man
Suspicion (1918)
Dr. Allen Forrest
The Interloper (1918)
Whitney Pere
The Avenging Trail (1917)
Dr. Saunders
The Undying Flame (1917)
General Leslie
The Streets of Illusion (1917)
His father
One Hour (1917)
The Pride of the Clan (1917)
Robert, Earl of Dunstable
Exile (1917)
The Governor of Exile
The Whip (1917)
Judge Beverley
Infidelity (1917)
Clifford Wayne
Draft 258 (1917)
The Unwelcome Mother (1916)
Richard Russell
Slander (1916)
The Snowbird (1916)
John Wheeler
Children of Eve (1915)

Producer (Feature Film)

The Way We Get By (2009)
Executive Producer

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