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Villain (1971) -- (Movie Clip) Bloody Pigeons Just after the credits, London thugs Webb and Duncan (Del Henney, Tony Selby) are awaiting playboy Benny (Stephen Sheppard) at his flat, their boss Vic (Richard Burton) awakening to do the very ugly business, opening the little known British crime drama Villain, 1971.
Villain (1971) -- (Movie Clip) It's A Bit Sordid Ian MacShane as Wolfe is hustling a bit in London, but picked up by goons (Tony Selby, John Hallam) who work for idiosyncratic crime boss Vic (Richard Burton), who’s been looking for him, their relationship only sort-of revealed in their first real scene together, in Villain, 1971.
Carry On Sergeant -- (Movie Clip) Try To Concentrate! Copping (Bill Owen) drilling the squad, Golightly (Charles Hawtrey) spaced out, all getting kitted out except Strong (Kenneth Connor), denied treatment by Dr. Clark (Hattie Jacques), in Carry On Sergeant, 1959.
Carry On Sergeant -- (Movie Clip) Dream Of The Enemy's Blood! Grimshawe (William Hartnell) presents his squad to wacky Captain Potts (Eric Barker), Golightly (Charles Hawtrey), Galloway (Gerald Campion), Strong (Kenneth Connor), Sage (Bob Monkhouse) et al, interrogated, in Carry On Sergeant, 1959.
Carry On Nurse -- (Movie Clip) I Warned You! Reporter York (Terence Longdon) hospitalized for appendicitis, visited by "Sister" (Joan Hickson) then Mick (Harry Locke), nurse Georgie (Susan Stephen) with "the colonel" (Wilfrid Hyde-White) then nurse Dorothy (Shirley Eaton) introduces herself, in Carry On Nurse, 1960.
Carry On Nurse -- (Movie Clip) Private Enterprise On the ward with reporter York (Terence Longdon), boxer Bernie (Kenneth Connor), patients Bray (Brian Oulton) and Bert (Cyril Chamberlain), nurses (Susan Stephen, Shirley Eaton) plus Hinton (Charles Hawtrey) on piano, in Carry On Nurse, 1960.
Carry On Teacher -- (Movie Clip) Noxious Ninny Acting headmaster Wakefield (Ted Ray) warns teachers Short (Hattie Jacques), Bean (Charles Hawtrey), Milton (Kenneth Williams) and Adams (Kenneth Connor) of his plans and an upcoming inspection, early in Carry On Teacher, 1962.
Carry On Teacher -- (Movie Clip) Absolutely Harmless Students sabotage a model rocket before science teacher Adams (Kenneth Connor) makes a presentation for principal Wakefield (Ted Ray) and visiting experts Wheeler (Rosalind Knight) and Grigg (Leslie Phillips), in Carry On Teacher, 1962.
Carry On Teacher -- (Movie Clip) Knottier Problems Sneaky students pull a stunt on principal Wakefield (Ted Ray), observed by pompous inspector Grigg (Leslie Phillips), who then visits Short (Hattie Jacques) and student Atkins (Paul Cole) in math class, in Carry On Teacher, 1962.