Marion Hargrove


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See Here, Private Hargrove -- (Movie Clip) Your First War? Cordial greetings on the draftee bus, between Hargrove (Robert Walker, playing the writer and title character, who was still only 25, in the feature based on his best-selling novel), Esty (George Offerman) and Mulvehill (Keenan Wynn), followed by comeuppance at induction ceremonies, in See Here, Private Hargrove, 1944.
Music Man, The (1962) -- (Movie Clip) Wells Fargo The company starts on Meredith's Willson's tune, an interlude with Mayor and Mrs. Shinn (Paul Ford, Hermione Gingold) and Marian (Shirley Jones), and her brother Winthrop (Ronnie "Ron" Howard) getting his trumpet from Professor Hill (Robert Preston), in The Music Man, 1962.
Music Man, The (1962) -- (Movie Clip) Iowa Stubborn Just arrived on the train from Illinois, after an opening number confirming the disdain of other traveling salesmen for his scorched-earth methods, un-credentialed music professor Henry Hill (Robert Preston) hears from the folk of River City, Io-way about their own predisposition, in the hit Warner Bros. adaptation of the Meredith Willson musical, with Timmy Everett, and Paul Ford as the Mayor, in The Music Man, 1962.
Music Man, The (1962) -- (Movie Clip) Shipoopi Buddy Hackett never played the part on Broadway, and was a regular on NBC’s Tonight Show at the time, but his one number as Marcellus, friend of the title character, is one of the more remembered and parodied from the landmark Meredith Willson musical, The Music Man, 1962, starring Robert Preston.
Boys' Night Out (1962) -- (Movie Clip) We Should Have Gone Bowling Four New York commuters, single Fred (James Garner) and married George, Doug and Howard (Tony Randall, Howard Duff, Howard Morris) lamenting that their Thursday night standing date has grown dull, William Bendix their barkeep, opening the Kim Novak comedy vehicle Boys’ Night Out, 1962.
Boys' Night Out (1962) -- (Movie Clip) The Boys Are All Aces Single Fred (James Garner) intends to chivalrously talk sociology student Cathy (Kim Novak) out of posing as a hired companion for him and his three married buddies, but she’s a step ahead, so George (Tony Randal), with Doug and Howard (Howard Duff, Howard Morris) prepares for the first date, in Boys’ Night Out, 1962.
Boys' Night Out (1962) -- (Movie Clip) Tea Many Martoonis Bachelor Fred (James Garner) is drinking alone, thinking his three married buddies won’t show up to see the love-nest apartment he had intended to fail to rent, so he’s that much more surprised when Cathy (Kim Novak, her first scene) appears, when he hasn’t even placed the second ad, for a shared companion, in Boys’ Night Out, 1962.
Cash McCall (1960) -- (Movie Clip) Space Travel For Children Two scenes introducing second-billed Natalie Wood as Lory, daughter of small-ish Philadelphia manufacturer Austen (Dean Jagger), then his wife, her mother (Linda Watkins), and an un-explained appearance by top-billed title-character James Garner in a sketch, in Cash McCall, 1960.
Cash McCall (1960) -- (Movie Clip) I'm A Thoroughly Vulgar Character First appearance by James Garner in the title role, a corporate raider occupying a well-guarded Philadelphia penthouse, visited by Henry Jones as Clark, who thinks he’s feeling out a potential buyer for a small manufacturing firm he advises, early in Cash McCall, 1966.
Cash McCall (1960) -- (Movie Clip) The Cheapest One I Could Find It’s just been confirmed that tycoon James Garner (title character) and Lory Austen (Natalie Wood) have a history, as she joins her intimidated father (Dean Jagger), who’s interested in selling his manufacturing firm, and shocked when he gets his price, in Cash McCall, 1966.
Girl He Left Behind, The (1956) -- (Movie Clip) While You're In Dog Company Still less than committed but now in the U.S. Army, Andy (Tab Hunter) and comrades (including Henry Jones, Alan King) get an early talking-to from Sgt. Hanna (Jim Backus) and Capt. Genaro (David Janssen), in The Girl He Left Behind, from an original screenplay by Marion Hargrove.
Girl He Left Behind, The -- (Movie Clip) Indolence Is A Vice On a date, Susie (Natalie Wood) and Andy (Tab Hunter) do some exposition and tangle a bit over their future, in The Girl He Left Behind, 1956, from a novel by Marion Hargrove.