John Halliday

John Halliday


Birth Place
Brooklyn, New York, USA
September 14, 1880
October 17, 1947
Cause of Death
Heart Attack


Debonair Scottish actor, in Hollywood from the early 1920s after spending several years in Britain....

Family & Companions

Eleanor Griffith


Debonair Scottish actor, in Hollywood from the early 1920s after spending several years in Britain.



Cast (Feature Film)

Lydia (1941)
Butler [James Fitzpatrick]
The Philadelphia Story (1940)
Seth Lord
Escape to Glory (1940)
John Morgan
Elsa Maxwell's Hotel for Women (1939)
John Craig
Intermezzo, a Love Story (1939)
Thomas [Stenborg]
That Certain Age (1938)
Mr. [Bill] Fullerton
Arsene Lupin Returns (1938)
Count de Grissac
Blockade (1938)
Three Cheers for Love (1936)
Charles Dormant
Hollywood Boulevard (1936)
John Blakeford
Fatal Lady (1936)
Martan Fontes
Desire (1936)
Carlos Margoli
The Dark Angel (1935)
Sir George Barton
Peter Ibbetson (1935)
The Duke of Towers
The Melody Lingers On (1935)
Marco Turina
Mystery Woman (1935)
Dr. Theodore Van Wyke
Finishing School (1934)
Mr. [Frank S.] Radcliffe
The Witching Hour (1934)
Jack Brookfield
A Woman's Man (1934)
Tom Cleary
Registered Nurse (1934)
Dr. Hedwig
Return of the Terror (1934)
Dr. [John] Redmayne
Happiness Ahead (1934)
Henry Bradford
Housewife (1934)
Paul [Duprey]
Desirable (1934)
Austin [Stevens]
Terror Aboard (1933)
Maximilian Kreig
The Woman Accused (1933)
The Accuser/Stephen Bessemer
Perfect Understanding (1933)
Ivan Ronnson
Bed of Roses (1933)
Stephen Paige
The House on 56th Street (1933)
[Lindon] Fiske
The Age of Consent (1932)
David Mathews
The Impatient Maiden (1932)
Albert Hartman
Bird of Paradise (1932)
Men of Chance (1932)
Richard Dorval
Week Ends Only (1932)
Arthur Ladden
The Man Called Back (1932)
St. Claire
The Ruling Voice (1931)
Dexter Burroughs
Millie (1931)
Jimmy Damier
Captain Applejack (1931)
Ambrose Applejohn
Consolation Marriage (1931)
Smart Woman (1931)
Sir Guy Harrington
The Spy (1931)
Sergei Krasnoff
Once a Sinner (1931)
Richard Kent
Transatlantic (1931)
[Henry D. Graham] The banker
50 Million Frenchmen (1931)
Michael Cummings
Father's Son (1931)
Dr. Franklin
Scarlet Pages (1930)
John Remington
Recaptured Love (1930)
Brentwood Parr
East Side Sadie (1929)
The Love Expert (1920)
Jim Winthrop
The Woman Gives (1920)
Daniel Garford

Cast (Short)

How I Play Golf by Bobby Jones No. 2 "Chip Shots" (1931)

Life Events

Photo Collections

That Certain Age - Publicity Stills
Here are a few photos taken to help publicize Universal Pictures' That Certain Age (1938), starring Deanna Durbin, Jackie Cooper, and Melvyn Douglas. Publicity stills were specially-posed photos, usually taken off the set, for purposes of publicity or reference for promotional artwork.


Movie Clip

Arsene Lupin Returns (1938) -- (Movie Clip) The Gentleman With The Gun Hot-shot New York federal lawman Steve Emerson (Warren William), who just quit because he was getting too much publicity, attends to his first private client, Jack Norton the hotel manager, Virginia Bruce, Monty Woolley and John Halliday the bound crime victims, in Arsene Lupin Returns, 1938, starring Melvyn Douglas in the title role.
Arsene Lupin Returns (1938) -- (Movie Clip) France Will Reward You Arriving in Paris, Virginia Bruce as Lorraine, Monty Woolley her cousin, John Halliday her uncle, and Warren William the private eye from New York brought to investigate the attempted theft of their major jewel, greeted by her beau, Melvyn Douglas as the title character, though that hasn’t been revealed, George Davis the guard restraining him, in Arsene Lupin Returns, 1938.
Philadelphia Story, The (1941) -- (Movie Clip) They Grew Up Together Complexity as Tracy (Katharine Hepburn) performs for impostor society wedding guests (really reporters) Mike (James Stewart) and Liz (Ruth Hussey), fiancè George (John Howard) arrives, and her ex, Dexter (Cary Grant) crashes in The Philadelphia Story, 1941.
Consolation Marriage (1931) -- (Movie Clip) I Need To Be Lied To Recently jilted reporter "Rollo" (Pat O'Brien) is being consoled by his editor Jeff (John Halliday) when he meets the equally-dumped Mary (Irene Dunne) for the first time, in RKO's Consolation Marriage, 1931.
Bird Of Paradise (1932) -- (Movie Clip) You Don't Suppose They're Cannibals? Cracking nautical opening from King Vidor, presumably shot near Catalina, because the scheduled shoot in Hawaii was plagued with bad weather, leading man Joel McCrea at the bow, John Halliday the captain Mac, from Bird Of Paradise, 1932, also starring Dolores del Rio.
Bird Of Paradise (1932) -- (Movie Clip) She's Taboo Dolores del Rio as princess Luana is the center of attention at the dance on the first evening of the yacht crew’s visit to her nameless South Sea island, Joel McCrea as Johnny, whom she rescued from a shark earlier that day, but trouble brews, in David O. Selznick’s Bird Of Paradise, 1932.
Housewife (1934) -- (Movie Clip) Lincoln Might Have Freed The Slaves Already on the subject of running a home on his modest salary, office manager Bill (George Brent) with wife Nan (Ann Dvorak) and son (Ronnie Cosby), off to work, then neighbor and sister-in-law Dora (Ruth Donnelly) visits and the plumber (Harry Tyler) adds to the woes, in Housewife, 1934.
Housewife (1934) -- (Movie Clip) Gone The Way Of All Flesh George (Hobart Cavanaugh) is gatekeeper for Bill (George Brent) whose ad business has mushroomed since his wife Nan (Ann Dvorak) pressed him to snag Paul (John Halliday), now their top client and pal, and copywriter Pat (Bette Davis), hired away from the competition, shows new interest, in Housewife, 1934.
Housewife (1934) -- (Movie Clip) Born To A Glamorous Life Domineering Chicago ad agency boss Blake (Robert Barrat) is out to impress his new writer Pat (Bette Davis, her first scene) hired from New York, finding out she’s a hometown gal but doubting she knows his downtrodden employee Bill (George Brent), in Housewife, 1934, also starring Ann Dvorak.
Happiness Ahead (1934) -- (Movie Clip) Title Tune, Opening Director Mervyn LeRoy leaps in with leading man Dick Powell and the title tune by Sammy Fain and Irving Kahal, then the always handy First National/Warner Bros. style character credits, and a clever segue to Olaf Hytten as the butler, Ruth Donnelly a maid and Allen Jenkins the chauffeur, in Happiness Ahead, 1934.
Age Of Consent, The (1932) -- (Movie Clip) Blanket Over Your Head ageofconsent32_Director Gregory La Cava begins with vignettes around a campus that looks a lot like USC, then introduces co-ed Betty (Dorothy Wilson), professor David (John Halliday), playboy Duke (Eric Linden) and boyfriend Michael (Richard Cromwell), in The Age Of Consent, 1932._FC_133a
House On 56th Street, The (1933) -- (Movie Clip) The Older Ones Are Safer Director Robert Florey takes us backstage at the Gotham Theatre, 1905, where Kay Francis is showgirl "Peggy," Sheila Terry advising her about suitors, elder Fiske (John Halliday) and handsome Monte (Gene Raymond), who has an eager pal (Frank McHugh), early in The House On 56th Street, 1933.



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