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Beat Generation, The (1959) -- (Movie Clip) Open, Radiation Gumdrops Classy opening to a low-rent Albert Zugsmith production, Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars (notably Mort Herbert on bass, Peanuts Hucko clarinet) with the title tune, then Ray Danton with banter, Ann Anderson his puzzled date, in The Beat Generation, 1959, featuring Mamie Van Doren.
Beat Generation, The (1959) -- (Movie Clip) Bass Fiddle Without Strings No one using the word rape, though it was all-but shown on screen, investigating cop Culloran (Steve Cochran) revealing an ugly cynicism, Jackie Coogan (a.k.a. "Uncle Fester") his partner, Margaret Hayes the victim, in The Beat Generation, 1959.
Beat Generation, The (1959) -- (Movie Clip) I Like To Make The Scene Four reels into the movie, second-billed Mamie Van Doren at last appears as divorcee Georgia, visited by Jim Mitchum (Robert's brother), who's been blackmailed by a psychopath into committing a murder, Mamie's husband, the band-leader Ray Anthony, playing her ex, in The Beat Generation, 1959.
Moonrise -- (Movie Clip) Girl From The Sticks Danny (Dane Clark), nervous after killing rival "Jerry" but not yet suspected, confronts Gilly (Gail Russell) about her ostensibly "missing" suitor, in an intense scene from Frank Borzage's Moonrise, 1948.
Moonrise -- (Movie Clip) You Look Scared Danny (Dane Clark), who's just killed "Jerry" in the woods, grabs Gilly (Gail Russell) off the dance floor and takes a reckless drive (with Harry Carey Jr. in the back seat) in Frank Borzage's Moonrise, 1948.
Moonrise -- (Movie Clip) Out Of Your Class Directly from the opening and complete with flashbacks, Danny (Dane Clark), son of a hanged convict, confronts life-long rival Sykes (Lloyd Bridges) in director Frank Borzage's Moonrise, 1948.
Moonrise -- (Movie Clip) Open, Danny Hawkins Opening sequence and scene in which the hero Danny (who will be Dane Clark) is introduced as a boy, ridiculed over his father's hanging, from Frank Borzage's Moonrise, 1948.