Alice Calhoun


Birth Place
Cleveland, Ohio
November 24, 1900
June 03, 1966
Cause of Death

Photos & Videos

Family & Companions

Max C Chotiner
Broker. Married 39 years; survived her.




Cast (Feature Film)

Now I'll Tell (1934)
Mrs. Doran
Bride of the Desert (1929)
Joanna Benton
Hidden Aces (1927)
Natalie Kingston
The Down Grade (1927)
Molly Crane
The Trunk Mystery (1927)
Marion Hampton
Savage Passions (1927)
In the First Degree (1927)
Barbara Hurd
Isle of Forgotten Women (1927)
Alice Burroughs
Tentacles of the North (1926)
Flying High (1926)
Patricia Barton
A Hero of the Big Snows (1926)
Mary Mallory
Kentucky Handicap (1926)
The Power of the Weak (1926)
The Happy Warrior (1925)
The Everlasting Whisper (1925)
Gloria Gaynor
The Other Woman's Story (1925)
Mrs. Colby
The Part Time Wife (1925)
Doris Fuller
The Man on the Box (1925)
Betty Annesly
Pampered Youth (1925)
Isabel Minafer
Code of the Wilderness (1924)
Ruth Harkness
Flowing Gold (1924)
Barbara Parker
Between Friends (1924)
Cecile White
Masters of Men (1923)
Mabel Arthur
Pioneer Trails (1923)
Rose Miller
The Man From Brodney's (1923)
Princess Genevra
One Stolen Night (1923)
Diantha Ebberly
The Midnight Alarm (1923)
Sparkle/Mrs. Thornton
The Man Next Door (1923)
Bonnie Bell
The Girl in His Room (1922)
Myra Pendleton
The Angel of Crooked Street (1922)
Jennie Marsh
A Girl's Desire (1922)
Elizabeth Browne
The Little Minister (1922)
Lady Babbie
Little Wildcat (1922)
Mag o' the Alley
Blue Blood (1922)
The Matrimonial Web (1921)
Helen Anderson
Rainbow (1921)
Rainbow Halliday
The Charming Deceiver (1921)
Edith Denton Marsden
Closed Doors (1921)
Dorothy Brainerd
Peggy Puts It Over (1921)
Peggy Conrow
Princess Jones (1921)
Princess Jones
Captain Swift (1920)
Mabel Seabrook
Human Collateral (1920)
Beatrice Brunswick
Deadline at Eleven (1920)
Carrie Weiss
The Sea Rider (1920)
Bess Halcomb
Everybody's Business (1919)
Mildred Arden

Cast (Short)

The Flag: A Story Inspired by the Tradition of Betsy Ross (1927)

Life Events


Max C Chotiner
Broker. Married 39 years; survived her.