Sylvia Breamer




Cast (Feature Film)

Too Many Parents (1936)
Up in Mabel's Room (1926)
Alicia, his wife
Lightning Reporter (1926)
Women and Gold (1925)
Myra Barclay
Too Much Youth (1925)
The Woman on the Jury (1924)
Betty Brown
Robes of Sin (1924)
Ruth Rogens
Reckless Romance (1924)
Edith Somers
Lilies of the Field (1924)
The First Degree (1923)
The Girl of the Golden West (1923)
The girl
The Barefoot Boy (1923)
Milicent Carter
Her Temporary Husband (1923)
Blanche Ingram
Flaming Youth (1923)
Dee Fentriss
Thundergate (1923)
Alberta Hayward
Bavu (1923)
Olga Stropik
Calvert's Valley (1922)
Hester Rymal
Wolf Law (1922)
Francine Redney
The Man Who Married His Own Wife (1922)
Elsie Haynes
Money To Burn (1922)
Countess Vecchi
The Man Unconquerable (1922)
Rita Durand
The Man with Two Mothers (1922)
Claire Mordaunt
Doubling for Romeo (1922)
Lulu [Juliet]
The Face Between (1922)
Marianna Canfield
Sherlock Brown (1922)
A Poor Relation (1921)
Miss Fay
The Devil (1921)
Not Guilty (1921)
Elsa Chetwood
The Roof Tree (1921)
Dorothy Harper
My Husband's Other Wife (1920)
Adelaide Hedlar
The Blood Barrier (1920)
Enid Solari
Unseen Forces (1920)
Miriam Holt
Respectable by Proxy (1920)
Betty Blair
My Lady's Garter (1920)
Helen Hamilton
The Common Cause (1919)
Helene Palmer
The Moonshine Trail (1919)
A House Divided (1919)
Mary Lord
Dawn (1919)
Dorothy Parkman
Missing (1918)
Nell Surratt
We Can't Have Everything (1918)
Zada L'Etoile
The Temple of Dusk (1918)
Adrienne Chester
The Family Skeleton (1918)
Poppy Drayton
The Pinch Hitter (1917)
Abbie Nettleton
The Narrow Trail (1917)
Betty Werdin
Sudden Jim (1917)
Marie Ducharme
The Millionaire Vagrant (1917)
Ruth Vail
The Cold Deck (1917)
Rose Larkin

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