Julia Swayne Gordon





Cast (Feature Film)

Hello, Everybody! (1933)
Mrs. Smith
Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933)
Cissy Grey
The Golden West (1932)
Mrs. Summers
Secrets of the French Police (1932)
Madame Danton
Misbehaving Ladies (1931)
Princess Delatorre
The False Madonna (1931)
Mrs. Swanson
Captain Applejack (1931)
Mrs. Pengard
Primrose Path (1931)
The rich boy's mother
Dumbbells in Ermine (1930)
Mrs. Corey
Today (1930)
Mrs. Farringdon
For the Love o' Lil (1930)
Mrs. Walker
The Dude Wrangler (1930)
Scandal (1929)
Mrs. Grant
Is Everybody Happy? (1929)
Mrs. Molnár
The Eternal Woman (1929)
Mrs. Forbes
The Girl in the Glass Cage (1929)
Mrs. Pomfret
The Younger Generation (1929)
Mrs. Striker
Gold Diggers of Broadway (1929)
Cissy Gray
Road House (1928)
Mrs. Henry Grayson
Three Week-ends (1928)
Mrs. Witherspoon
Hearts of Men (1928)
Mrs. Robert Weston
The Scarlet Dove (1928)
The Aunt
13 Washington Square (1928)
Mrs. Allistair
The Smart Set (1928)
Mrs. Van Buren
The Viking (1928)
Wings (1927)
Mrs. Armstrong
The King of Kings (1927)
Heaven on Earth (1927)
Aunt Emilie
It (1927)
Mrs. Van Norman
Children of Divorce (1927)
Princess de Sfax
Early To Wed (1926)
Mrs. Hayden
The Far Cry (1926)
Helen Clayton
Bride of the Storm (1926)
Faith's mother
Diplomacy (1926)
Marquise de Zares
Not So Long Ago (1925)
Mrs. Ballard
The Wheel (1925)
Mrs. Morton
Lights of Old Broadway (1925)
Mrs. De Rhondo
Scaramouche (1924)
The Countess Thérèse de Plougastel
The Tie That Binds (1923)
Leila Brant
The Darling of the Rich (1923)
Dippy Helen
You Can't Fool Your Wife (1923)
Lillian Redell
Dark Secrets (1923)
Mrs. Rutherford
How Women Love (1922)
Mrs. Nevins
My Old Kentucky Home (1922)
Mrs. Goodloe
Till We Meet Again (1922)
Mrs. Whitney Carter
What's Wrong With the Women? (1922)
Mrs. Bascom
Wildness of Youth (1922)
Mrs. Martha Kane
When the Desert Calls (1922)
"The White Angel"
Women Men Marry (1922)
Aunt Gertrude
Shams of Society (1921)
Mrs. Crest
Why Girls Leave Home (1921)
Mrs. Wallace
The Passionate Pilgrim (1921)
Madame Watt
Behind Masks (1921)
Madame Ena Delore
Handcuffs or Kisses (1921)
Mrs. Walton
The Silver Lining (1921)
"Gentle Annie"
Love, Hate and a Woman (1921)
Mrs. Ramsey
Burn 'Em Up Barnes (1921)
Mrs. Whitney Barnes
Greater Than Fame (1920)
Mrs. Waring
Heliotrope (1920)
Josephine Hasdock
A Child for Sale (1920)
Paula Harrison
Lifting Shadows (1920)
Countess Vera Lobanoff
For Love or Money (1920)
Helen Gerard
Miss Dulcie from Dixie (1919)
Aunt John
The Captain's Captain (1919)
Aunt Euphemia
The Painted World (1919)
Elois Murree
The Moonshine Trail (1919)
Mrs. Ashford
Two Women (1919)
Emily Leighton
The Bramble Bush (1919)
Madame Joan Marche
Shadows of the Past (1919)
Helene, his accomplice
The Girl Problem (1919)
Mrs. Reeves
The Girl-Woman (1919)
Laura Hobbs
A Stitch in Time (1919)
Mrs. Trevor
The Soap Girl (1918)
Mrs. Van Ruhl
Love Watches (1918)
Marquise de Juvigny
Over the Top (1918)
Mrs. Wagner
The Desired Woman (1918)
Mrs. Moore
The Hawk (1917)
Mme. De Tierrache
A Son of the Hills (1917)
Ann Walden
The Soul Master (1917)
Laura Wilson
Soldiers of Chance (1917)
The Maelstrom (1917)
Gwennie Lyne
The Message of the Mouse (1917)
Marcia Elmore
Clover's Rebellion (1917)
Mrs. Childe
In the Balance (1917)
Lady Hilda Mullock
Her Right to Live (1917)
Mrs. Hoadley
Arsene Lupin (1917)
My Lady's Slipper (1916)
Marie Antoinette
The Daring of Diana (1916)
The Enemy (1916)
Mrs. Stuart
The Suspect (1916)
Lady Armitage
The Island of Surprise (1916)
Mrs. Lovell
The Juggernaut (1915)
Mrs. Ruskin
The Sins of the Mothers (1915)
Mrs. Raymond
The Battle Cry of Peace (1915)
A Million Bid (1914)
Mrs. Belgradin
Uncle Bill (1914)
Julia Mason
Twelfth Night (1910)
The Fruits of Vengeance (1910)
Jean Goes Fishing (1910)
The Merchant of Venice (1908)
Richard III, a Shakespearian Tragedy (1908)

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