Huntley Gordon

Huntley Gordon




Cast (Feature Film)

Lady Scarface (1941)
Mr. Pierce
Phantom of Chinatown (1940)
Mr. Wong in Chinatown (1939)
Mr. Davidson
Gangster's Boy (1938)
Idol of the Crowds (1937)
Harvey Castle
China Passage (1937)
Arthur Trent
Bad Guy (1937)
District Attorney
Stage Door (1937)
Cast of stage play
Portia on Trial (1937)
Dr. Thorndike
Daniel Boone (1936)
Sir John Randolph
Yours for the Asking (1936)
Clark Bering
Follow the Fleet (1936)
Klondike Annie (1936)
Clinton Reynolds
Orchids to You (1935)
Member of board of directors
It Happened in New York (1935)
Hotel manager
The Spanish Cape Mystery (1935)
David Kummer
Circumstantial Evidence (1935)
The governor
Front Page Woman (1935)
Marvin Q. Stone
The Irish in Us (1935)
King Solomon of Broadway (1935)
Mister Dynamite (1935)
Murder by Television (1935)
Doctor Scofield, A.S.B.S.
She Had to Choose (1934)
Their Big Moment (1934)
John Farrington
Embarrassing Moments (1934)
Bombay Mail (1934)
Dancing Man (1934)
The World Gone Mad (1933)
Secrets (1933)
William Carlton
Sailor Be Good! (1933)
Mr. Whitney
Corruption (1933)
District Attorney Blake
Racetrack (1933)
Justice Takes a Holiday (1933)
Judge Martin Walker
Only Yesterday (1933)
The All American (1932)
Night World (1932)
The Phantom Express (1932)
Company president of rival railroad
The King Murder (1932)
Arthur Bronnell
Red Haired Alibi (1932)
Speed Madness (1932)
Midnight Warning (1932)
Mr. Gordon
From Broadway to Cheyenne (1932)
District Attorney
Sally of the Subway (1932)
Anybody's Woman (1930)
Grant Crosby
Fox Movietone Follies of 1930 (1930)
Marvin Kinsley
The New Movietone Follies of 1930 (1930)
Melody Lane (1929)
Juan Rinaldi
Scandal (1929)
Burke Innes
The Marriage Playground (1929)
Cliffe Wheater
Their Hour (1928)
Mr. Shaw
Sinners in Love (1928)
Ted Wells
Gypsy of the North (1928)
Steve Farrell
Sally's Shoulders (1928)
Hugh Davidson
Outcast (1928)
Our Dancing Daughters (1928)
Diana's father
A Certain Young Man (1928)
Mr. Hammond
Name the Woman (1928)
One Increasing Purpose (1927)
Andrew Paris
Sensation Seekers (1927)
Ray Sturgis
Don't Tell the Wife (1927)
Jacques Cartier
The Truthful Sex (1926)
Robert Mapes
Her Second Chance (1926)
Judge Jeffries
The Golden Cocoon (1926)
Gregory Cochran
Other Women's Husbands (1926)
Jack Harding, his friend and attorney
The Gilded Butterfly (1926)
John Converse
The Golden Web (1926)
Roland Deane
Lost at Sea (1926)
Richard Lane
Silken Shackles (1926)
Howard Lake
The Love Hour (1925)
Rex Westmore
Never the Twain Shall Meet (1925)
Mark Mellenger
My Wife and I (1925)
Mr. James Borden
The Great Divide (1925)
Philip Jordan
The Wife Who Wasn't Wanted (1925)
John Mannering
True as Steel (1924)
Frank Parry
Shadows of Paris (1924)
Raoul, Minister of the Interior
Wine (1924)
John Warriner
The Enemy Sex (1924)
Judge Massingale
Married Flirts (1924)
Pendleton Wayne
Daring Love (1924)
John Stedman
The Wanters (1923)
Theodore Van Pelt
Pleasure Mad (1923)
Hugh Benton
Male Wanted (1923)
Bluebeard's 8th Wife (1923)
John Brandon
Cordelia the Magnificent (1923)
D. K. Franklin
Chastity (1923)
Darcy Roche, a theatrical producer
Her Fatal Millions (1923)
Fred Garrison
The Social Code (1923)
Judge Evans Grant
The Famous Mrs. Fair (1923)
Jeffrey Fair
Your Friend and Mine (1923)
Hugh Stanton
Why Announce Your Marriage? (1922)
Mr. Walton
Reckless Youth (1922)
Harrison Thornby
His Wife's Husband (1922)
George Packard
What Fools Men Are (1922)
Bartley Claybourne
Man Wanted (1922)
What's Wrong With the Women? (1922)
Lloyd Watson
When the Desert Calls (1922)
Dr. Thorpe
Beyond the Rainbow (1922)
Bruce Forbes
Enchantment (1921)
The King [in fairy tale]
Chivalrous Charley (1921)
Geoffrey Small
Society Snobs (1921)
Duane Thornton
The Girl From Nowhere (1921)
Herbert Whitman
Tropical Love (1921)
Clifford Fayne
At the Stage Door (1921)
Philip Pierce
The Frisky Mrs. Johnson (1920)
Sir Lionel Heathcote
Out of the Snows (1920)
Sergeant Graham
The Dark Mirror (1920)
Dr. Philip Fosdick
Red Foam (1920)
Arnold Driscoll
The Common Cause (1919)
Edward Wadsworth
Too Many Crooks (1919)
Bidwell Wright
The Glorious Lady (1919)
Lord Chettington
Out Yonder (1919)
Edward Elmer
The Invisible Bond (1919)
Harleth Crossey
The Unknown Quantity (1919)
Dan Kinsolving
Atonement (1919)
Vincent Carlton
Men (1918)
Tom Courtney
The Eleventh Commandment (1918)
Robert Stanton
The Beloved Impostor (1918)
Dick Mentor
Our Mrs. McChesney (1918)
T. A. Buck, Jr.
The Million Dollar Dollies (1918)
Tom Hylan
The Destroyers (1916)
Peter God
His Wife's Good Name (1916)
Harry Weatherby
The Conflict (1916)
Henry Mortimer

Cast (Short)

How I Play Golf by Bobby Jones No. 3 The Niblick (1931)

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