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Passage To India, A (1984) -- (Movie Clip) Chandrapore 12 A scene not from the E.M. Forster but from director David Lean’s derived screenplay, working on location, Adela (Judy Davis) has just decided against marrying her fiancè, the magistrate she’s come to India to visit, and undertakes a bicycle ride, wild with suggestion, in A Passage To India, 1984.
Passage To India, A (1984) -- (Movie Clip) I Thought She Was A Ghost Adela (Judy Davis), visiting from England and determined to experience something of the “real India,” is conversing with Dr. Aziz (Victor Banerjee) and scholar Professor Godbole (Alec Guiness) when her fiancè, colonial judge Ronny (Nigel Havers) appears, finding everything inappropriate, in David Lean’s A Passage To India, 1984.
Passage To India, A (1984) -- (Movie Clip) The Viceroy's On Board Director David Lean’s screenplay takes a predictably cinematic grip on the E.M. Forster novel, introducing Judy Davis as Adela Quested in1920’s London, Peter Hughes the P&O man, Peggy Ashcroft, as Mrs. Moore, mother of her betrothed, opening A Passage To India, 1984.
Passage To India, A (1984) -- (Movie Clip) I Give Any Englishman Two Years Director David Lean finishes the train journey to fictional interior Chandrapore, introducing Nigel Havers as colonial official Ronny, greeting his mother (Peggy Ashcroft), his betrothed Adela (Judy Davis), his boss (Richard Wilson), then two locals central to the E.M. Forster story, Victor Banerjee and Art Malik, in A Passage To India, 1984.
Evil Under The Sun (1982) -- (Movie Clip) Hercules Parrot A murder on the moors sets up the entrance of Peter Ustinov in his second outing as Agatha Christie's sleuth Hercule Poirot, Richard Vernon the bemused banker employing him, in director Guy Hamilton's all-star puzzler Evil Under The Sun, 1982.
Evil Under The Sun (1982) -- (Movie Clip) Far Too Many Skeletons Hotelier Maggie Smith greets Peter Ustinov as detective Poirot, before the first evening's cocktail party, with Roddy McDowall, James Mason, Sylvia Miles, Jane Birkin and others but finally dominated by Diana Rigg, in the Agatha Christie mystery Evil Under The Sun, 1982.