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Christmas In Connecticut (1945) -- (Movie Clip) Flapjacks Columnist Elizabeth (Barbara Stanwyck), posing as a real hostess, gets cooking lessons from Felix (S.Z. Sakall), receives the wrong baby, dodges Yardley (Sydney Greenstreet) and almost gets married in Christmas In Connecticut, 1945.
That Hagen Girl (1947) -- (Movie Clip) That Girl's Life Harry Davenport is the old lawyer in fictional Jordan, Ohio, sending protege Tom (Ronald Reagan) away because of the false rumor that he's the father of an adopted girl, who'll grow up to be Shirley Temple, with friend Jean Porter, loafer Tom Fadden inquiring, early in That Hagen Girl, 1947.
That Hagen Girl (1947) -- (Movie Clip) That Octopus Came Creeping Up On Me Popular but nervous at the junior-college dance, Shirley Temple as Mary (title character) with a minor wardrobe malfunction when she’s assaulted by previously benevolent Dewey (Conrad Janis), busted by Miss Grover (Kathryn Card) then defended by Miss Kane (Lois Maxwell), early in That Hagen Girl, 1947, also starring Ronald Reagan.
That Hagen Girl (1947) -- (Movie Clip) I Left A Mark Adopted junior-college student Mary (Shirley Temple) is checking out yearbook pictures of her presumed birth-mother, when teacher Julia (Lois Maxwell), who just did her a solid, shows up, their chat ending as lawyer Tom (Ronald Reagan) her rumored father, arrives, in That Hagen Girl, 1947.
That Hagen Girl (1947) -- (Movie Clip) There's Nothing To Tell Panic in the small Midwestern town to which Ronald Reagan, as lawyer Tom, has just returned, because Shirley Temple (title character) appears to have drowned herself, because she just learned that everyone (wrongly) thinks she’s his illegitimate daughter, Rory Calhoun and Conrad Janis her spurned boyfriends, Dorothy Peterson and Charles Kemper her adoptive parents, Guy Wilkerson as Link, in That Hagen Girl, 1947.
Two Mrs. Carrolls, The (1947) -- (Movie Clip) Angel Of Death Artist Geoffrey Carroll (Humphrey Bogart) is cagey with daughter Bea (Ann Carter), and has already purchased poison for his invalid wife, plot thickening in The Two Mrs. Carrolls, 1947.
Two Mrs. Carrolls, The (1947) -- (Movie Clip) Stimulating Exhibition Charles (Pat O'Moore), Mrs. Latham (Isobel Elsom) and her daughter Cecily (Alexis Smith) are visiting his ex-fianceè Sally (Barbara Stanwyck) and her flinty artist husband Geoffrey Carroll (Humphrey Bogart), in The Two Mrs. Carrolls, 1947.
Woman in White, The (1948) -- (Movie Clip) Indescribable Torture Drawing teacher Hartright (Gig Young) meets the fussy, widowed master of the house Frederick Fairlie (John Abbott), in an early scene from director Peter Godfrey's The Woman in White, 1948.
Woman In White, The (1948) -- (Movie Clip) Waiting For That Supreme Moment Sensible cousin Marian (Alexis Smith), returned to Fairlie House, is concerned at the behavior of her cousin Laura (Eleanor Parker) after her marriage to Percival (John Emery), who tangles with Count Fosco (Sydney Greenstreet), whose wife (Agnes Moorehead) seems even more weird, in The Woman In White, 1948.
Woman In White, The (1948) -- (Movie Clip) This Romantic Adventure Arising after a mercifully calm first evening at the Fairlie Estate, tutor Hartright (Gig Young) meets Eleanor Parker, whom he assumes is the same woman he met in the woods on his arrival, but learns she is his pupil Laura, who is happy to tell cousin Marian (Alexis Smith) and Count Fosco (Sydney Greenstreet) of the mistake, in The Woman In White, 1948.
Christmas In Connecticut (1945) -- (Movie Clip) Your Christmas Menu Publisher Yardley (Sydney Greenstreet) insists that housewife-columnist Elizabeth (Barbara Stanwyck), who isn't married and can't cook, entertain a war hero at her fictional farmhouse for the holiday in Christmas in Connecticut, 1945.
Girl From Jones Beach, The (1949) -- (Movie Clip) I Found The Randolph Girl! Wacky talent agent Chuck (Eddie Bracken) is attempting suicide again, when he accidentally spies the sunbathing Virginia Mayo (title character), who is a dead ringer for the imaginary model artist Randolph (Ronald Reagan) has been drawing, and needs to find, in The Girl From Jones Beach, 1949.