Frank Glendon




Director (Feature Film)

Circle of Death (1935)

Cast (Feature Film)

Men with Steel Faces (1940)
Professor Beetson
King of the Pecos (1936)
The Traitor (1936)
Big George
Aces and Eights (1936)
Amos Harden
Border Caballero (1936)
Willey Taggart
The Lion's Den (1936)
[Nate] Welsh
The Sagebrush Troubadour (1935)
John Martin
Front Page Woman (1935)
Circle of Death (1935)
The Phantom Empire (1935)
Texas Tornado (1934)
Three Star Henley
Her Splendid Folly (1933)
Charles Hemingway
Sucker Money (1933)
Strange People (1933)
Gun Law (1933)
The Earth Sings (1933)
The Racing Strain (1932)
Law and Lawless (1932)
Cheyenne Cyclone (1932)
The Silver Lining (1932)
Border Romance (1930)
Cross Breed (1927)
Jacques Berreau
Compassion (1927)
Upstage (1926)
Mr. Weston
Lights of Old Broadway (1925)
Thomas A. Edison
Tricks (1925)
The New Foreman
Private Affairs (1925)
John Maddox
Shattered Faith (1923)
South Sea Love (1923)
Gerald Wilton
Just Like a Woman (1923)
Peggy's brother
The Rip-Tide (1923)
Prince Tagor
More To Be Pitied Than Scorned (1922)
Julian Lorraine
Belle of Alaska (1922)
"Lucky" Vail
Night Life in Hollywood (1922)
Kissed (1922)
Merton Torrey
What Do Men Want? (1921)
Frank [The Youth]
Hush (1921)
Jack Stanford
A Tale of Two Worlds (1921)
For the Soul of Rafael (1920)
Keith Bryton
The Forgotten Woman (1920)
Julian LaRose
Roman Candles (1920)
John Arnold, Jr.
Mid-Channel (1920)
Theodore Blundell
The Wishing Ring Man (1919)
Dr. John Hewitt
The Enchanted Barn (1919)
Sidney Graham
By the World Forgot (1918)
Derrick Van Beekman
The Wooing of Princess Pat (1918)
King Eric
The Changing Woman (1918)
Johnny Armstrong
The Dawn of Understanding (1918)
Jim Wynd
A Woman in the Web (1918)
Wrath of Love (1917)
Dave Blake
The Defeat of the City (1917)
Robert Walmsley
The Renaissance at Charleroi (1917)
Grandemont Charles
Light in Darkness (1917)
J. Arthur Converse
The Duplicity of Hargraves (1917)
Henry Hopkins Hargraves
A Night in New Arabia (1917)
Tom McLeod
The Price of Malice (1916)
The Salamander (1916)
Garry Lindaberry
Her American Prince (1916)
Juvenile lead
The House of Mirrors (1916)
Edward Martindale
Her Reckoning (1915)
Howard Sherbrooke

Life Events