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Night Visitor, The (1971) -- (Movie Clip) I'm The Insane One Trevor Howard as the never-named “Inpsector” is visiting asylum inmate and innocent-but-framed murderer Salem (Max Von Sydow), who insists he couldn’t have escaped to commit revenge murders, though we know he did, in the English-language Swedish-made thriller released by Warner Bros., The Night Visitor, 1971.
Night Visitor, The (1971) -- (Movie Clip) It's Your Paperweight Joining a conversation in which Swedish country doctor Anton (Per Oscarsson) and wife Ester (Liv Ullmann) have revealed their own foul play in earlier family dramas, and after an unexplained murder, they elect to spy on her sister, who could be a threat, with shocking result, in The Night Visitor, 1971.
Night Visitor, The (1971) -- (Movie Clip) Open, Salem Probably an unexpected dude in underwear (Max Von Sydow), first thing to appear in a snowbound coastal landscape (established in the credits), centered on what we’ll learn is an asylum in Sweden, Hungarian-born Laslo Benedek directing, in the Swedish-made English-language thriller The Night Visitor, 1971, also starring Trevor Howard and Liv Ullmann.
Twelve Chairs, The (1970) -- (Movie Clip) Before The Revolution Opening by writer, director and co-star Mel Brooks, Branka Veselinovic as a post-revolutionary Russian aristocrat on her death bed, sending for her foppish son-in-law (Ron Moody) and her nutty orthodox priest (Dom DeLuise), shooting on location in then-Yugoslavia, in The Twelve Chairs, 1970.
Twelve Chairs, The (1970) -- (Movie Clip) Cousin Peter From Kiev Dimwit servant Tikon (writer and director Mel Brooks), con artist Bender (Frank Langella) and greedy heir Vorobyaninov (Ron Moody) considering how to get back his mother-in-law's hidden jewels, and meeting Father Fyodor (Dom DeLuise), in post-revolutionary Russia, in The Twelve Chairs, 1970.