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Cherry 2000 (1988) -- (Movie Clip) Toast Is Just The Beginning Still listening to the voice of the broken sex-robot wife he's on a mission to replace, executive Sam (David Andrews) joins his hired
Cherry 2000 (1988) — (Movie Clip) Flesh And Blood In 2017, at a club where humans make contracts for sex encounters, Sam (David Andrews), bereft because his prized sex robot wife malfunctioned, is dragged along by his buddies (Marshall Bell, Scott Edmund Lane), approached by grouchy prospect Joan Riddell, and younger Laurence Fishburne officiates a negotiation with Katie Greene, in Cherry 2000, 1988, starring Melanie Griffith.
Roar (1981) -- (Movie Clip) The Old Cat And Mouse Game Quick exposition as Tippi Hedren, Melanie Griffith and John and Jerry Marshall, the family of Noel Marshall (Hedren’s husband, also the director), a big-cat researcher in Africa, arrive unexpected, while he works with his aide Kyalo Mativo, early in Roar, 1981.
Roar (1981) -- (Movie Clip) We're Not Gonna Get Eaten The main premise taking shape, as the American family (Tippi Hedren, her daughter Melanie Griffith, John and Jerry Marshall) of African big-cat researcher Noel Marshall (the director, Mr. Hedren and the boys’ father) have arrived at his cat-dominated house when he isn’t home, in Roar, 1981.
Drowning Pool, The (1975) -- (Movie Clip) The Door Was Unlocked Paul Newman as the title character, an L-A detective based on Ross MacDonald's Lew Archer, having learned that the client who flew him to New Orleans was an ex-lover, heads for his motel across Lake Ponchartrain, meeting teenage Schuyler (Melanie Griffith), and cop Richard Jaeckel, early in The Drowning Pool, 1975.
Night Moves (1975) -- (Movie Clip) She's Pretty Liberated Now in the Florida Keys looking for an LA runaway, private eye Harry (Gene Hackman) at the boat rental outfit run by her stepfather, meeting Paula (Jennifer Warren), who seems to work there, then Melanie Griffith as “Delly,” his free-spirited target, in Arthur Penn’s Night Moves, 1975.
Smile (1975) -- (Movie Clip) Keep It Shakey Pageant official Shears (Geoffrey Lewis) takes a stab at starting over with choreographer French (famed choreographer Michael Kidd) and fails, rehearsals under way in Michael Ritchie's Smile, 1975.