Charles K. French




Director (Feature Film)

Romance of a Fishermaid (1909)
Addl Director

Cast (Feature Film)

The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945)
Club member
Wild Bill Hickok Rides (1942)
Men with Steel Faces (1940)
[Lt.] Mal
Where Trails Divide (1937)
Courage of the West (1937)
Secretary Stanton
Desert Guns (1936)
Colonel Nelson
Dangerous Waters (1936)
Headin' for the Rio Grande (1936)
Pop Hart
Vagabond Lady (1935)
Department head
Murder by Television (1935)
The Live Wire (1935)
Captain King
The President Vanishes (1935)
Diamond Jim (1935)
The Brand of Hate (1935)
The Crimson Trail (1935)
Frank Carter
Western Courage (1935)
Henry Hanley
Trail of Terror (1935)
Sheriff Baxter
No Man's Range (1935)
Gun Play (1935)
Old John Holt
The Phantom Empire (1935)
When a Man Sees Red (1934)
Tracy Rides (1934)
John Hampton
The Man from Hell (1934)
Arizona Nights (1934)
Cross Fire (1933)
Jonathan Wheeler
Man of Action (1933)
Doctor James Duncan
War of the Range (1933)
The rancher
Only Yesterday (1933)
Via Pony Express (1933)
War on the Range (1933)
Destry Rides Again (1932)
Foreman of jury
Honor of the Press (1932)
A Scarlet Week-End (1932)
Caught (1931)
Overland Bound (1930)
King of the Rodeo (1929)
Chip, Sr.
The Last Warning (1929)
The Charge of the Gauchos (1928)
The Flying Buckaroo (1928)
Banker Brown
The Cowboy Cavalier (1928)
Riding for Fame (1928)
Dad Barton
The Big Hop (1928)
Buck's father
Man, Woman, and Sin (1927)
The city editor
The Cruise of the Hellion (1927)
John Harlan
Fast and Furious (1927)
The Adventurous Soul (1927)
John Martin
Ride 'Em High (1927)
Bill Demming
The Down Grade (1927)
Mr. Lanning
Cross Breed (1927)
John Corwin
One Chance in a Million (1927)
Richard Torrence
The Meddlin' Stranger (1927)
Her Father
Good As Gold (1927)
Sheriff John Gray
The Flaming Frontier (1926)
Senator Hargess
The Rainmaker (1926)
Hospital doctor
Hands Up (1926)
Brigham Young
Under Western Skies (1926)
Sam Parkhurst
The Hollywood Reporter (1926)
Basil Manning
The Winning Wallop (1926)
Peter Wayne
Oh, What a Night (1926)
John Craig
Frenzied Flames (1926)
Chief Grogan
The Runaway Express (1926)
Jim Reed
War Paint (1926)
Major Hopkins
The Runaway Empress (1926)
Speed Mad (1925)
Charles Hampton
The Way of a Girl (1925)
Police judge
The Texas Trail (1925)
Ring 'Em Foster
Let 'Er Buck (1925)
Col. Jeff McCall
Too Much Youth (1925)
Mark Kenton
The Girl of Gold (1925)
Lucius Merrimore
The Saddle Hawk (1925)
Jim Newhall
Pride of Sunshine Alley (1924)
Oh, You Tony (1924)
The Sawdust Trail (1924)
Square Deal McKenzie
The Torrent (1924)
Abraham Lincoln (1924)
Isom Enlow, neighbor
Hell's Hole (1923)
The sheriff
Blinky (1923)
Major Kileen
The Ramblin' Kid (1923)
Joshua Heck
Alias the Night Wind (1923)
Amos Chester
Man's Size (1923)
Angus McRae
Gentle Julia (1923)
John Atwater
The Lonely Road (1923)
Hiram Wade
A Woman of Paris (1923)
His father
The Abysmal Brute (1923)
Pat Glendon, Sr.
Grumpy (1923)
Moran of the Lady Letty (1922)
Tavern owner
The Truthful Liar (1922)
Police Commissioner Rogers
White Shoulders (1922)
Col. Jim Singleton
Smudge (1922)
John Stanton
West of Chicago (1922)
Judson Malone
If You Believe It, It's So (1922)
Frank Tine, realty agent
The Yosemite Trail (1922)
The sheriff
Mixed Faces (1922)
Mr. Sayre
The Unfoldment (1922)
James Osborne
The Woman He Loved (1922)
John Comstock
The Bearcat (1922)
Sheriff Bill Garfield
Her Own Money (1922)
Thomas Hazelton
Bare Knuckles (1921)
The Night Horsemen (1921)
The Last Trail (1921)
Sheriff Nelson
Hands Off (1921)
Clint Wadley
The Road Demon (1921)
Dad Higgins
Beyond (1921)
Samuel Ackroyd
White Lies (1920)
Col. Jean Raynal
The Untamed (1920)
Tex Calder
Flames of the Flesh (1920)
Simon Eastcoat
Desert Love (1920)
Jack Remington
Prairie Trails (1920)
Stephen McWhorter
The Daredevil (1920)
Ralph Spencer
The Square Shooter (1920)
Zeke Hampton
The Terror (1920)
Sheriff Jim Canby
The Texan (1920)
Wolf River Mayor
What Would You Do? (1920)
Robert Brainerd
Haunting Shadows (1920)
John Glenarm, Sr.
Stronger Than Death (1920)
Colonel Boucicault
The Sheriff's Son (1919)
Hal Rutherford
The Speed Maniac (1919)
John B. Prescott
This Hero Stuff (1919)
Samuel Barnes
Whom the Gods Would Destroy (1919)
Happy Though Married (1919)
Diana's uncle
What Every Woman Wants (1919)
Attorney for the defense
Come Again Smith (1919)
Joe Smith, Sr.
Jubilo (1919)
Jim Hardy
The Mints of Hell (1919)
Old Man Chaudiare
Six Feet Four (1919)
Henry Pollard
The Tiger Man (1918)
Sheriff Sandy Martin
The Law of the North (1918)
Michel de Montcalm
The Marriage Ring (1918)
The Hired Man (1918)
Caleb Endicott
Free and Equal (1918)
Judge Lowell
Three X Gordon (1918)
Jim Gordon
His Own Home Town (1918)
T. Elihu Banks
The Vamp (1918)
James Walsham
Fuss and Feathers (1918)
Martin Ledyard
The Guilty Man (1918)
A Burglar for a Night (1918)
James Herrick
The Kaiser's Shadow, or the Triple Cross (1918)
William Kremlin
Green Eyes (1918)
Rev. Doctor Gibson
The Midnight Patrol (1918)
Jim Murdock
The Kaiser's Shadow (1918)
The Son of His Father (1917)
James Carbhoy
Love or Justice (1917)
Judge Geary
An Even Break (1917)
David Harding
Paws of the Bear (1917)
General von Mittendorf
The Weaker Sex (1917)
John Harding
The Hater of Men (1917)
Phillips Hartley
The Clodhopper (1917)
Isaac Nelson, Everett's father
Wee Lady Betty (1917)
Fergus McClusky
Shell Forty-Three (1916)
German commander
The Patriot (1916)
Colonel Bracken
Civilization (1916)
The Prime Minister
The Criminal (1916)
The Vagabond Prince (1916)
"Spud" Murphy
The Phantom (1916)
Dr. Ratcliffe
The No-Good Guy (1916)
"Big" Malone
A Gamble in Souls (1916)
Tom Leonard
The Aryan (1916)
"Ivory" Wells
A Corner in Colleens (1916)
English commander
The Honorable Algy (1916)
James Dryker
The Coward (1915)
A Confederate commander
The Disciple (1915)
"Birdshot" Bivens
The Iron Strain (1915)
Ezra Whitney
The Despoiler (1915)
Colonel Damien
Custer's Last Fight (1913)
Red Wing's Constancy (1910)
Adventures of a Cowpuncher (1910)
Romance of a Fishermaid (1909)
Secret Service Woman (1909)
His Two Children (1909)
"Davy" Crockett in Hearts United (1909)
Re-united at the Gallows (1909)
Mexican's Crime (1909)

Writer (Feature Film)

"Davy" Crockett in Hearts United (1909)

Life Events