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Mona Freeman


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Angel Face (1953) -- (Movie Clip) My Little Plot Didn't Succeed We infer here that wealthy mysterious Diane (Jean Simmons), who may have tried to gas her rich stepmother, took it upon herself to invite Mary (Mona Freeman) to lunch, explaining how she diverted her ambulance driver boyfriend (Robert Mitchum) the night before, with mixed results, in Otto Preminger’s Angel Face, 1953.
That Brennan Girl (1946) -- (Movie Clip) Don't Forget Mother's Day After an opening establishing San Francisco, 1946, churches and marriages, Mona Freeman as Ziggy meets a kid (uncredited) then rushes to her mother (June Duprez) who, it transpires, wants to be seen as her sister, in That Brennan Girl, 1946, based on a story reported for the San Francisco Examiner by Adela Rogers St. Johns.
That Brennan Girl (1946) -- (Movie Clip) Cold As An Igloo Another anecdote from her hard-case San Fransisco upbringing, Mona Freeman as Ziggy (title character) gets sprung by her brassy mother (June Duprez) then at a party with Ed (Steve Pendleton), usurped by James Dunn (his first scene, as Denny), in Republic Pictures’ That Brennan Girl, 1946.
That Brennan Girl (1946) -- (Movie Clip) Skies In Your Eyes Now a practicing San Francisco con-artist, working with her partner Denny (James Dunn), Ziggy (Mona Freeman, title character) gets sent to make a phone call and tumbles to a new mark, soldier Mart (William Marshall), in That Brennan Girl, 1946, based on work by journalist Adela Rogers St. Johns.
Battle Cry (1955) -- (Movie Clip) Scenes Like This James Whitmore who will appear as Marine Sgt. “Mac” narrates, as we meet several main characters, Tab Hunter as Danny, Mona Freeman his girl, William Campbell as “Ski,” then others including Fess Parker, Felix Noriego, Tab Hunter and Aldo Ray, opening the war-melodrama Battle Cry, 1955.
Together Again (1944) -- (Movie Clip) Wasted On A Neurotic Step-child Grandfather Crandall (Charles Coburn) has just been caught by his grand-daughter (Mona Freeman) and daughter-in-law, the local mayor, Anne (Irene Dunne) faking gout to get out of ceremonies honoring his late son, who was also mayor, early in Together Again, 1944, co-starring Charles Boyer.



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