Helen Freeman


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Mademoiselle Fifi (1944) -- (Movie Clip) Little Launderesses Or Liberals Introducing the protagonist, Simone Simon as laundress Elisabeth, catching a stage during the 1870 Prussian occupation of France with her social superiors (the bourgeoisie Alan Napier, Romaine Callender, Helen Freeman, Norma Varden, and Edmund Glover the priest), Jason Robards the voluble merchant, John Emery the agitator, in Mademoiselle Fifi, 1944.
Mademoiselle Fifi (1944) -- (Movie Clip) More Than A Patriot Everybody happier as resourceful laundress Elisabeth (Simone Simon) has shared her plentiful poultry with her famished upper-class stage coach companions, congratulated especially by Norma Varden and Jason Robards Sr., during the 1870 Prussian occupation of France, in RKO’s Mademoiselle Fifi, 1944.
Mrs. Parkington (1944) -- (Movie Clip) Great American Family Introducing Greer Garson, title character, with schmoozing son-in-law Amory (Edward Arnold), his wife (Helen Stillman), Alice (Florence Bates) and Madeleine (Lee Patrick) her daughters, Rod Cameron a new husband, grandson Dan Duryea, Byron Foulger a hired author, in Mrs. Parkington, 1944.
So Dark The Night -- (Movie Clip) This Curious Business Mama (Ann Codee) and Pierre (Eugene Borden) in their French way prepare for detective Cassin (Steven Geray) arriving for holiday at their inn, daughter Nanette (Micheline Cheirel) equally excited, in Joseph H. Lewis' So Dark The Night, 1946.
Abraham Lincoln (1930) -- (Movie Clip) February 12, 1809 Grandiose opening and the script officially by Stephen Vincent Benet but it feels like director D.W. Griffith talking, from Abraham Lincoln, 1930, starring Walter Huston.