Betty Francisco




Cast (Feature Film)

Romance in the Rain (1934)
Whom the Gods Destroy (1934)
Lead woman in show
Broadway Bad (1933)
Mystery Ranch (1932)
Appetite Mae
Stowaway (1932)
Good Sport (1931)
Charlie Chan Carries On (1931)
Sybil Conway
The Widow From Chicago (1930)
Street of Chance (1930)
Mrs. Mastick
Lotus Lady (1930)
Claire Winton
Madame Satan (1930)
Smiling Irish Eyes (1929)
Frankie West
The Spirit of Youth (1929)
Claire Ewing
Broadway (1929)
Broadway Daddies (1928)
Agnes Forrest
You Can't Beat the Law (1928)
Queen of the Chorus (1928)
Flossie De Vere
Too Many Crooks (1927)
Frisco Flora
The Gingham Girl (1927)
Mazie Le Lewer
Long Pants (1927)
Blonde who fights with the Vamp
Uneasy Payments (1927)
Marie Valentia
The Gay Retreat (1927)
Betty Burnett
A Boy of the Streets (1927)
Mary Callahan
The Lily (1926)
Mrs. Arnaud, Jr.
Man Bait (1926)
Betty Gerber
Don Juan's Three Nights (1926)
Madame de Courcy
The Phantom of the Forest (1926)
Helen Taylor
Seven Keys to Baldpate (1925)
Myra Thornhill
Fifth Avenue Models (1925)
Faint Perfume (1925)
Pearl Crumb
Private Affairs (1925)
Irma Stacy
Jimmie's Millions (1925)
Susan Jane Montague
Wasted Lives (1925)
Fair Play (1925)
Rita Thane
On Probation (1924)
Dolores Coleman
Gambling Wives (1924)
Sylvia Baldwin
How To Educate a Wife (1924)
Betty Breese
East of Broadway (1924)
Diana Morgan
Big Timber (1924)
Poppy Ordway
Maytime (1923)
The Old Fool (1923)
Mary Manners
The Love Piker (1923)
Edith Cloney
Flaming Youth (1923)
Connie Fentriss
Ashes of Vengeance (1923)
Margot de Vancoire
A Noise in Newboro (1923)
Leila Wayne
Crinoline and Romance (1923)
Kitty Biddle
Double Dealing (1923)
Stella Fern
Poor Men's Wives (1923)
The Darling of New York (1923)
Across the Continent (1922)
Lorraine Tyler
Her Night of Nights (1922)
Myone Madrigal
Greater Than Love (1921)
Helen Wellington
Midsummer Madness (1921)
Mary Miller
A Guilty Conscience (1921)
Emily Thurstan
Riding With Death (1921)
Anita Calhoun
Straight From Paris (1921)
Doris Charming
Sic-Em (1920)
Barbara Hamilton
A Broadway Cowboy (1920)
Betty Jordan
The Furnace (1920)
Patricia Brent

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