Alec B. Francis

Alec B. Francis


Also Known As
Alec Francis
Birth Place
London, England, GB
December 02, 1867
July 06, 1934

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Cast (Feature Film)

Outcast Lady (1934)
The Mystery of Mr. X (1934)
Judge Maplas
The Cat's-Paw (1934)
Mr. Thatcher
I'll Tell the World (1934)
Grand Duke Ferdinand
Looking Forward (1933)
Oliver Twist (1933)
Mr. [Sidney] Brownlow
His Private Secretary (1933)
Dr. Hall
Alice in Wonderland (1933)
King of Hearts
The Last Mile (1932)
Father O'Connor
The Last Man (1932)
John Wingate
Alias Mary Smith (1932)
45 Calibre Echo (1932)
No Greater Love (1932)
Mata Hari (1931)
Captain Applejack (1931)
Arrowsmith (1931)
Murder Will Out (1930)
Senator Baldwin
Feet First (1930)
Old Timer, Mr. Garson
Outward Bound (1930)
The Case of Sergeant Grischa (1930)
General von Lychow
The Bishop Murder Case (1930)
Professor Bertrand Dillard
The Sacred Flame (1929)
Dr. Harvester
Evidence (1929)
Evangeline (1929)
Father Felician
The Mississippi Gambler (1929)
Junius Blackburn
Broadway Daddies (1928)
John Lambert Kennedy
Life's Mockery (1928)
John Fullerton
The Companionate Marriage (1928)
Judge Meredith
The Shepherd of the Hills (1928)
David Howitt, The Shepherd
The Terror (1928)
Dr. Redmayne
The Lion and the Mouse (1928)
Judge Ross
The Little Snob (1928)
Colonel Banks
Camille (1927)
The Duke
The Music Master (1927)
Anton von Barwig
Sally in Our Alley (1927)
Sandy Mack
The Tender Hour (1927)
Francis Chinilly
Faithful Wives (1926)
High Steppers (1926)
Father Perryam
The Yankee Señor (1926)
Don Fernando
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (1926)
Amos Logan
Three Bad Men (1926)
Rev. Calvin Benson
The Return of Peter Grimm (1926)
Peter Grimm
Transcontinental Limited (1926)
Jerry Reynolds
Pals First (1926)
Forever After (1926)
Vanishing Millions (1926)
The Reckless Sex (1925)
Emanuel García
Charley's Aunt (1925)
Mr. Delahay
The Mad Whirl (1925)
John Herrington
Capital Punishment (1925)
The chaplain
Where the Worst Begins (1925)
August Van Dorn
Thank You (1925)
David Lee
Wandering Footsteps (1925)
Timothy Payne
Waking Up the Town (1925)
Abner Hope
Thunder Mountain (1925)
The Bridge of Sighs (1925)
John Harper
Man and Maid (1925)
The Coast of Folly (1925)
Count de Tauro
A Thief in Paradise (1925)
Bishop Saville
Rose of the World (1925)
"Gramp" Tallifer
Champion of Lost Causes (1925)
Peter Charles
Outwitted (1925)
John Kinney
The Circle (1925)
Lord Clive Cheney
Soiled (1924)
Rollo Tetheridge
Beau Brummel (1924)
Half-a-Dollar Bill (1924)
Judge Norton
Do It Now (1924)
The Human Terror (1924)
Listen Lester (1924)
Colonel Dodge
The Tenth Woman (1924)
Mr. Brainherd
A Fool's Awakening (1924)
Major Oliphant
Children of Jazz (1923)
John Weston
Lucretia Lombard (1923)
Judge Winship
Is Divorce a Failure? (1923)
Philip Wilkinson
The Drivin' Fool (1923)
John Moorhead
Three Wise Fools (1923)
Dr. Richard Gaunt
His Last Race (1923)
See note
The Eternal Three (1923)
Dr. Steven Browning
Hollywood (1923)
Mary of the Movies (1923)
The Spider and the Rose (1923)
Good Padre
The Gold Diggers (1923)
James Blake
Little Church Around the Corner (1923)
Reverend Bradley
The Last Hour (1923)
Reever McCall
A Gentleman of Leisure (1923)
Sir John Blount
Beyond the Rocks (1922)
Captain Fitzgerald
The Forgotten Law (1922)
Judge Kirtley
North of the Rio Grande (1922)
Father Hillaire
Smilin' Through (1922)
Dr. Owen
The Man Who Saw Tomorrow (1922)
Sir William De Vry
Courage (1921)
The Great Moment (1921)
Sir Edward Pelham
A Virginia Courtship (1921)
Colonel Fairfax
What's a Wife Worth? (1921)
James Morrison
A Voice in the Dark (1921)
Joseph Crampton
The Butterfly Man (1920)
James Bachelor
Earthbound (1920)
Dr. Roger Galloway
The Man Who Had Everything (1920)
Matt Sills
Godless Men (1920)
Rev. Sam Poor
The Street Called Straight (1920)
Rodney Temple
The Paliser Case (1920)
Paliser, Sr.
The Crimson Gardenia (1919)
Mr. Banniman
Lord and Lady Algy (1919)
Spotlight Sadie (1919)
Reverend John Page
When Doctors Disagree (1919)
Dr. Harris, Sr.
The World and Its Woman (1919)
Prince Michael Orbeliana the elder
Her Code of Honor (1919)
Tom Davis
The City of Comrades (1919)
Andy Christian
Flame of the Desert (1919)
Sir John Carleton
The Probation Wife (1919)
Huntley McMerton
The Pest (1919)
Judge Fisher
Day Dreams (1919)
Grandfather Burn
Heartsease (1919)
Lord Neville
Broken Ties (1918)
Henry Hasbrook
The Glorious Adventure (1918)
Scott, the butler
Money Mad (1918)
Rev. William Gavin
Wanted, a Mother (1918)
Dr. Thayer
Thirty a Week (1918)
Mr. Wright
The Venus Model (1918)
John Braddock
The Face in the Dark (1918)
Charles Ridgeway
The Marionettes (1918)
Leap to Fame (1918)
Judge Hendricks Trevor
Hidden Fires (1918)
Dr. Granville
The Beautiful Mrs. Reynolds (1918)
General Philip Schuyler
The Auction Block (1917)
John Merkle
A Hungry Heart (1917)
M. Brigard
The Cinderella Man (1917)
Romney Evans
The Family Honor (1917)
Gen. Jason Wayne
Forget-Me-Not (1917)
Marquis de Mohrivart
The Page Mystery (1917)
Hon. Charles Winthrop
Husband and Wife (1916)
James Watson
The Ballet Girl (1916)
Jerry Vergoe
Miss Petticoats (1916)
Worth Courtleigh
The Pawn of Fate (1916)
Abbé Paul
All Man (1916)
John Maynard
Fruits of Desire (1916)
Jeremiah Quimby
The Gilded Cage (1916)
King Comus
The Yellow Passport (1916)
Myron Abram
A Woman's Way (1916)
General John Stanton
The Heart of a Hero (1916)
Colonel Knowlton
Human Driftwood (1916)
Father Harrigan
The Perils of Divorce (1916)
The Arrival of Perpetua (1915)
Hastings Curzon
After Dark (1915)
Captain Frank Dalton, Old Tom
The Impostor (1915)
Sir Anthony Gregson/Blink
The Sins of Society (1915)
Noel Ferrers
Alias Jimmy Valentine (1915)
Bill Avery
The Model (1915)
Hugh Seymour
When Broadway Was a Trail (1914)
Standish Hope
Lola (1914)
Dr. Barnhelun
The Wishing Ring; An Idyll of Old England (1914)
Earl of Bateson
The Man of the Hour (1914)
George Garrison
The Pit (1914)
The Wishing Ring (1914)

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