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Nickelodeon (1976) -- (Movie Clip) Ask For A German Bagel Ambitious Floridian Buck (Burt Reynolds), following a goofy lead to his second New York gig, enters a bakery that turns out to be a low-rent movie company (Gustav and Bertil Unger the twin proprietors), which gets raided by their bigger rivals, in Peter Bogdanovich's Nickelodeon, 1976.
Nickelodeon (1976) -- (Movie Clip) That Crab Is Pure Genius! Lawyer Harrigan (Ryan O'Neal), swept into the entourage of early-movie magnate Cobb (Brian Keith), becoming a screenwriter (supplanting Arnold Soboloff, and Don Calfa as "Waldo") then meeting Kathleen (superodel Jane Hitchcock in her only major movie role), in Peter Bogdanovich's Nickelodeon, 1976.
Nickelodeon (1976) -- (Movie Clip) Did You Say Court? From a prologue about early cinema, befuddled lawyer Harrigan (Ryan O'Neal), Jack Perkins his client, before the judge (Sidney Armus), then fleeing down an alley into the movie business, and a quick bit by Brian Keith, in Peter Bogdanovich's Nickelodeon, 1976.
Brubaker (1980) -- (Movie Clip) Leave The Ears Following the final credit for director Stuart Rosenberg, Robert Redford, under the name Collins, at prison intake, meets Jon Van Ness as wise-guy Zaranska, Everett McGill as scary trusty Caldwell, Yaphet Kotto as Coombes, Val Avery running the barracks and David Keith on air guitar, early in Brubaker, 1980.
Brubaker (1980) -- (Movie Clip) R-E-S-P-E-C-T The big reveal, title character Robert Redford has been known as inmate Collins, announcing he’s the title character when death-row inmate Walter (Morgan Freeman in his first movie role!) grabs already banged-up prisoner Bullen (David Keith), Yaphet Kotto and Joe Spinell standing back, in Brubaker, 1980.
Brubaker (1980) -- (Movie Clip) Can You Hear Me Now? Title character Robert Redford is the new warden who, until now, had been under-cover as an inmate, speaking to his charges with his trusty staff (Matt Clark, Joe Spinell, Yaphet Kotto) in support, and receiving state officials, Jane Alexander as Lillian Gray, Murray Hamilton her boss Deach, in Brubaker, 1980.
Slither (1973) -- (Movie Clip) Climb Into The Potato Cellar Several minutes in but still short of the opening credits, newly paroled Dick (James Caan) and Harry (Richard B. Shull) arrive at the latter's derelict country home, trouble ensuing, in Slither, 1973, directed by Howard Zieff.
Slither (1973) -- (Movie Clip) What Are You Up On? After a bad first hitch-hiking attempt, parolee Dick (James Caan) meets Kitty (Sally Kellerman), having trouble with a cop (Wayne Storm), in Slither, 1973, directed by Howard Zieff from W.D. Richter's original screenplay.
Slither (1973) -- (Movie Clip) Consider Me Harry Professional MC Barry (Peter Boyle) at a gig for the Polish-American Veterans, spouse Mary (Louise Lasser) and new ex-con pal Dick (James Caan) in the audience, then discussing information gained from their deceased mutual friend, in Slither, 1973.