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Superfly (1972) -- (Movie Clip) Pusherman Cruising Harlem in star Ron O’Neal’s famous customized Cadillac Eldorado, with partner Eddie (Carl Lee) entering a restaurant where composer Curtis Mayfield, whose soundtrack made even more money than the movie, probably wouldn’t have played, is performing, in director Gordon Parks Jr.’s Superfly, 1972.
Claudine (1974) -- (Movie Clip) Open, Vitamin F With all six kids (Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs the tallest, eldest) Bronx native Diahann Carroll (title role, in her Academy Award-nominated performance) in Upper Manhattan, then on the Riverdale bus with friends (Judy Mills et al), in the first and only feature from Ossie Davis’ Third World Cinema Corp., Claudine, 1974.
Sparkle (1976) -- (Movie Clip) Hooked On Your Love Among the reasons for buzz about Lonette McKee, singing the lead as eldest sister “Sister,” backed up by 16 year-old Irene Cara (title character) and Dwan Smith (as Delores), with a Curtis Mayfield original, certainly more in the contemporary style than that of the setting, Harlem ca. 1958, in the fictional show-biz drama Sparkle, 1976.
Sparkle (1976) -- (Movie Clip) Jump (Curtis Mayfield Composition) The first musical number, an original from Curtis Mayfield, not to be confused with the Pointer Sisters’ 1984 hit, the fictional Williams sisters (Lonette McKee, Irene Cara and Dwan Smith), with Philip Michael Thomas and Dorian Harewood, all doing their own vocals, performing at a Harlem amateur show, in Sparkle, 1976.
Soldier's Story, A (1984) -- (Movie Ciip) Crazy Kind of Hate Prosecutor Captain Davenport (Howard E. Rollins Jr.) questions Private Wilkie (Art Evans), leading into a flashback sequence further exposing the character of murder victim Sergeant Waters (Adolph Caesar) in 1944 Louisiana, in A Soldier's Story 1984.
Ugetsu Monogatari (1953) -- (Movie Clip) Nothing But Pots Potter Genjuro (Masayuki Mori) risks his life, running to the village to check his kiln before the soldiers have left, and gets lucky, in Kenji Mizoguchi's Ugetsu Monogatari, 1953.
Ugetsu Monogatari (1953) -- (Movie Clip) Ghost Of The Lake Genjuro (Masayuki Mori), Tobei (Kasae Ozawa) and their wives meet a dying traveler in the famous boat sequence from Kenji Mizoguchi's Ugetsu Monogatari, 1953.
Ugetsu Monogatari (1953) -- (Movie Clip) Big Future Potter Genjuro (Masayuki Mori), wife Miyagi (Kinuyo Tanaka), malcontent Tobei (Kasae Ozawa) and his wife Ohama (Mitsuko Mito) are introduced in the first scene from Kenji Mizoguchi's Ugetsu Monogatari, 1953.
Superfly (1972) -- (Movie Clip) Little Child Runnin' Wild The opening shot minus one from director Gordon Parks Jr., with one of the better-known songs from the smash Curtis Mayfield soundtrack, tracking two users through Harlem before we meet Ron O’Neal as dealer Priest, the nickname derived from his gold coke spoon, in Superfly, 1972.
Prince And The Showgirl, The (1957) -- (Movie Clip) You Have A Witty Little Tongue British functionary Northbrook (Richard Watts) trying to convince actress Elsie (Marilyn Monroe) she's not being pimped when the Carpathian regent (Laurence Olivier, also directing) arrives at the embassy, in The Prince And The Showgirl, 1957.
Let's Do It Again (1975) -- (Movie Clip) Open, Don't Throw No Punches Director and co-star Sidney Poitier’s charming opening, featuring himself in Atlanta, the Staple Singers with Curtis Mayfield’s title tune, Jayne Kennedy stopping factory traffic, heavyweight champ George Foreman baring his chest, Bill Cosby’s introduction at the time perfectly innocent, in the hit semi-sequel Let’s Do It Again, 1975.
Miracle, The (1959) -- (Movie Clip) To Our Very Gates Young postulant Teresa (Carroll Baker) and fellow Spanish nuns can't help noticing especially handsome dragoon Captain Michael (Roger Moore), en route to engage Napoleon, in The Miracle, 1959.