Virginia Brown Faire




Cast (Feature Film)

West of the Divide (1934)
Fay Winter
Tracy Rides (1934)
Molly Hampton
Tex Takes a Holiday (1932)
Lone Trail (1932)
Ruth Farnum
Hell's Valley (1931)
Rosita Fernando
The Last Ride (1931)
Doris White
Secret Menace (1931)
Alias--The Bad Man (1931)
Mary Warner
Murder on the Roof (1930)
The Lonesome Trail (1930)
Breed of the West (1930)
Betty Sterner
Trails of Peril (1930)
Mary Martin
Devil's Chaplain (1929)
Princess Therese
Burning the Wind (1929)
Maria Valdes
Handcuffed (1929)
Gloria Randall
The Donovan Affair (1929)
Mary Mills
The Body Punch (1929)
Natalie Sutherland
Untamed Justice (1929)
Louise Hill
A Race for Life (1928)
Virginia Calhoun
The Canyon of Adventure (1928)
Dolores Castanares
The Chorus Kid (1928)
Beatrice Brown
Undressed (1928)
Diana Stanley
Queen of the Chorus (1928)
"Queenie" Dale
Danger Patrol (1928)
CĂ©leste Gambier
The House of Shame (1928)
Druid Baremore
Hazardous Valley (1927)
Pleasure Before Business (1927)
Ruth Weinberg
White Flannels (1927)
Gun Gospel (1927)
Mary Carrol
The Devil's Masterpiece (1927)
Tracked by the Police (1927)
Marcella Bradley
The Temptress (1926)
Racing Romance (1926)
The Mile-a-Minute Man (1926)
Paula Greydon
Desert Valley (1926)
Mildred Dean
Broadway Billy (1926)
Phyliss Brookes
Wings of the Storm (1926)
Anita Baker
Chip of the Flying U (1926)
Dr. Della Whitmore
Frenzied Flames (1926)
Alice Meagen
The Wolf Hunters (1926)
His People (1925)
Ruth Stein
Recompense (1925)
The Thoroughbred (1925)
Gwen Vandermere
The Calgary Stampede (1925)
Marie La Farge
Friendly Enemies (1925)
June Block
The Air Hawk (1924)
Edith, his daughter
Romance Ranch (1924)
Carmen Hendley
The Lightning Rider (1924)
Patricia Alvarez
Welcome Stranger (1924)
Essie Solomon
Peter Pan (1924)
Tinker Bell
Vengeance of The Deep (1923)
Ethel Musgrove
Shadows of the North (1923)
Beatrice Neilson
Thundergate (1923)
Ellen Ainsmith [Jen Jue]
The Cricket on the Hearth (1923)
Dot Marley
Stormswept (1923)
Ann Reynolds
Monte Cristo (1922)
Haidee, an Arabian princess
Omar the Tentmaker (1922)
Fightin' Mad (1921)
Peggy Hughes
Without Benefit of Clergy (1921)
Under Northern Lights (1920)
Suzanne Foucharde

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