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Zou Zou (1934) -- (Movie Clip) I Would Have Preferred A Crocodile Looks like work on location in Toulon, Josephine Baker (title character) disappointed when her childhood mate Jean (Gabin), whom she hasn’t seen in ages, doesn’t get off the boat, but thrilled when he appears later, with their adoptive de-facto stage-father (Pierre Larquey), in Zouzou, 1934.
Zou Zou (1934) -- (Movie Clip) ...And Count The Days First scene for title character, American Josephine Baker, in her first talking feature, made in France, running her old act for a young friend when her adoptive dad (Pierre Larquey) gets the post card from their long-lost brother, son, colleague and sailor Jean (Gabin), in Zouzou, 1934.
Freshman, The (1990) -- (Movie Clip) Carmine Said One Boy Having just delivered the komodo dragon to New Jersey for the gangster-y Marlon Brando, NYU freshmen Clark and Steve (Matthew Broderick, Frank Whaley) meet Edward (B.D. Wong) and Maximilian Schell as kooky Larry London, and discover the menagerie no one had mentioned, in writer-director Andrew Bergman’s The Freshman, 1990.
Freshman, The (1990) -- (Movie Clip) It Ain't Tony Bennett! New NYU film-school freshman Clark (Matthew Broderick) arrives in Little Italy and meets Victor (Bruno Kirby), who’s trying to make up for stealing and losing all his money, and who has promised him a job with his uncle Carmine (Marlon Brando), revealing the central joke, in writer-director Andrew Bergman’s The Freshman, 1990.
Freshman, The (1990) -- (Movie Clip) The Glue Of Society Arrived at Grand Central Station from Vermont, headed downtown to NYU, matriculating Clark (Matthew Broderick) meets Victor (Bruno Kirby), early in writer-director Andrew Bergman’s hybrid comedy hit The Freshman, 1990, co-starring Marlon Brando, Maximilian Schell and Penelope Ann Miller.
Freshman, The (1990) -- (Movie Clip) Guns And Provolone In his NYU film class, Clark (Matthew Broderick) is studying The Godfather: Part II, 1974, just after he’s been hired by Carmine Sabatini (played by Marlon Brando), who he’s been told was the basis for the Vito Corleone character, writer-director Andrew Bergman’s joke being about Paul Benedict as the pompous professor Fleeber, in The Freshman, 1990.
Freshman, The (1990) -- (Movie Clip) The Son I Never Had Back at the Llittle Italy social club, NYU freshman Clark (Matthew Broderick) had intended to quit his job transporting endangered species for Godfather-like Carmine (Marlon Brando), but discovers he’s now engaged to his daughter, and receiving a gift, Bruno Kirby the nephew Victor, in The Freshman, 1990.
Freshman, The (1990) -- (Movie Clip) It's Safe Here In Queens? Though visiting Queens was not mentioned in earlier scenes, NYU film school freshman Clark (Matthew Broderick), who because he’s broke has agreed to make a lucrative delivery for the uncannily Godfather-like Carmine Sabatini (Marlon Brando) arrives to get his car and is plausibly transfixed by Penelope Ann Miller as daughter Tina, in The Freshman, 1990.
For A Few Dollars More (1965) -- (Movie Clip) He's Tall The "man with no name" (Clint Eastwood) arrives in El Paso and meets the kid Fernando (Antonito Ruiz) then "takes" a room at the inn, in the second film in Sergio Leone's trilogy, For A Few Dollars More, 1965.
Zou Zou (1934) -- (Movie Clip) She Always Causes Problems Laundress Josephine Baker (title character) and colleague Claire (Yvette Lebon) with her childhood circus-performer pal Jean (Jean Gabin), quickly making friends at a club when she’s assaulted by a goon, leading to a big fight and quick exit, in director Marc Allégret’s Zouzou, 1934.
Mon Oncle (1958) -- (Movie Clip) Un Film De Jacques Tati A not inconsiderable portion of invention and tone setting just in the title sequence, from Jacques Tati's second film starring himself as "Mr. Hulot," Mon Oncle, 1958, winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.
Mon Oncle (1958) -- (Movie Clip) He Simply Won't Obey The modern house now famous as writer, director and star Jacques Tati's "Villa Arpel" is central, as Gerard (Alain Becourt) is delivered by his uncle (Tati), while mother (Adrienne Servantie) entertains before father (Jean-Pierre Zola) gets home, in Mon Oncle, 1958.