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The Bachelor Party - Movie Poster
The Bachelor Party - Movie Poster
Videodrome - Movie Poster
Here is the American one-sheet movie poster for Videodrome (1982), starring James Woods and Deborah Harry and directed by David Cronenberg. One-sheets measured 27x41 inches, and were the poster style most commonly used in theaters.


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Yi Yi (2000) -- (Movie Clip) Is It Really You? Because the kid (Jonathan Chang) wouldn't eat at his uncle's wedding, dad
Yi Yi (2000) -- (Movie Clip) I'm Not Worthy Of You Opening with the wedding, director Edward Yang introduces the Taipei family at the center of his societal portrait, with emphasis on Kelly Lee as daughter Ting-Ting, Zeng Xinyi as an interloper visiting Grandma (Tang Ruyun), and Wu Nianzgen Wu the befuddled dad, in the international hit Yi Yi, 2000.
Last Picture Show, The (1971) -- (Movie Clip) She Was Just A Girl High schooler Sonny (Timothy Bottoms), pal Billy (Sam Bottoms) in tow, with mentor Sam "The Lion" (Ben Johnson), reconciled after a disagreement, fishing outside town, in 1951 Texas, in Peter Bogdanovich's The Last Picture Show, 1971.
Last Picture Show, The (1971) -- (Movie Clip) Too Rough For Me Opening scenes, Sonny (Timothy Bottons) in sleepy Anarene, TX, 1951, picks up pal Billy (brother, Sam Bottoms) and visits Sam (Ben Johnson) at the pool hall, who comments on last night's football game, in Peter Bogdanovich's The Last Picture Show, 1971.
Last Picture Show, The (1971) -- (Movie Clip) Trashy Behavior Texas teen Sonny (Timothy Bottoms) and pals are ashamed, bringing mute Billy (Sam Bottoms) back to town after buying a prostitute for him, called out by pool hall and theater owner Sam (Academy Award winner Ben Johnson), in The Last Picture Show, 1971, Peter Bogdanovich directing, from Larry McMurtry's novel.
Singin' In The Rain (1952) -- (Movie Clip) Dignity, Always Dignity Dora (Madge Blake) the M-C, sidekick Cosmo (Donald O’Connor) already in place, co-director Gene Kelly (as matinee idol Don Lockwood), with Jean Hagen, silent for now (as co-star Lina), launches the biography bit, song by Al Hoffman and Al Goodhart, from the opening to MGM’s Singin’ In The Rain, 1952.
Honeymoon Killers, The (1969) -- (Movie Clip) Not A Motel Room! The grim, low budget opening, the first two interior shots said to have been directed by the soon-fired (for working too slowly) Martin Scorsese, introducing Shirley Stoler as nurse Martha, with neighbor and mother (Doris Roberts, Dortha Duckworth), in the semi-legendary The Honeymoon Killers, 1969.
Honeymoon Killers, The (1969) -- (Movie Clip) I Want You To Call Me Ray Cutting from Martha (Shirley Stoler) in Mobile, beginning her first letter to the lonely-hearts service, we meet Raymond (Tony Lo Bianco) in New York, beginning their correspondence, in The Honeymoon Killers, 1969, written and directed by Leonard Kastle.
Our Time (1974) -- (Movie Clip) You'd Never Hurt Me, Would You? Outside the mixer for the neighboring Massachusetts prep schools, we’ve learned that Abby and Michael (Pamela Sue Martin, Parker Stevenson, later partners in TV’s Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries) shared a summer romance, with George O’Hanlon Jr. as pesky Malcolm, in Our Time, 1974.
Our Time (1974) -- (Movie Clip) The Pennington Academy Opening the teen boarding school melodrama from later-prominent director Peter Hyams, Roderick Cook the preachy headmaster, Pamela Sue Martin is Abby late to assembly, Betsy Slade her friend Muffy and Karen Balkin the prissier Laura, in Warner Bros.’ Our Time, 1974, also starring Parker Stevenson.
Devil In A Blue Dress (1995) -- (Movie Clip) My Adopted Son, Jesus In 1948 L-A, Ezekiel “Easy” Rawlins (Denzel Washington), after being beaten up by police over the murder of his one-night stand Coretta, gets an offer from mayoral candidate Terell (Maury Chaykin), who has questions, including some about the missing girlfriend of the other candidate, whom he’s been hired to find, in Devil In A Blue Dress, 1995.
My Brilliant Career (1979) -- (Movie Clip) You'll Have Me Sacked Sybylla (Judy Davis), visiting her grandmother, aunt and uncle (Aileen Britton, Wendy Hughes, Peter Whitford) in 1901 Australia, has her head plausibly turned by a handsome neighbor (Sam Neill), not realizing he's a childhood friend, Robert Grubb as the less interesting Frank, in Gillian Armstrong's international hit My Brilliant Career, 1979.


Of Unknown Origin (1983) -- (Original Trailer) Original trailer for the 1983 rat-horror feature, starring Peter Weller, and the first feature film for Playboy centerfold and future TV and erotic-thriller star Shannon Tweed, Of Unknown Origin, directed by George P. Cosmatos.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind - (Special Edition Trailer) This is the theatrical trailer for the "Special Edition" of Steven Spielberg's 1977 sci-fi classic starring Richard Dreyfuss and Melinda Dillon.
Risky Business - (Original Trailer) A high school student (Tom Cruise) practices his business skills by turning his suburban home into a bordello in Risky Business (1983).
Titanic (1997) - (Original Trailer) Eleven Academy Awards went to director James Cameron's $200 million recreation of the 1912 maritime disaster Titanic (1997).
Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, The - (Original Trailer) Paul Newman stars as the Law West of the Pecos in John Huston's The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972).
Radio Days - (Original Trailer) A young boy's coming of age is mirrored by his favorite radio shows and the lives of their stars in Woody Allen's Radio Days (1987).
Orlando - (Original Trailer) An immortal noble experiences four centuries of sexual politics in Orlando (1992).
Gaby - A True Story - (Original Trailer) Norma Aleandro was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress award for her role in Gaby - A True Story (1987) about a writer afflicted with cerebral palsy.
Hide In Plain Sight - (Original Trailer) True story of a divorced father (James Caan) in search of his children when his ex-wife enters the witness relocation program.
Saving Private Ryan - (Original Trailer) After the Normandy Invasion, a special detachment gets the mission of Saving Private Ryan (1998) starring Tom Hanks and Matt Damon, directed by Steven Spielberg.
Tender Mercies - (Original Trailer) Robert Duvall gives one of his greatest performances as a has-been country singer who finds love in Tender Mercies (1983).