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Dark Victory (1939) -- (Movie Clip) The Sleepy Trahernes Quick start for this Warner Bros. society melodrama, Humphrey Bogart the Irish horse trainer wakes Geraldine Fitzgerald, secretary and best friend to Bette Davis (as heiress Judith Traherne), eventually joining her still-soused kind-of boyfriend Ronald Reagan, in Dark Victory, 1939.
Dark Victory (1939) -- (Movie Clip) That Cold Scientific Eye Family Doc Parsons (Henry Travers) has maneuvered symptomatic but defiant socialite Judith (Bette Davis) into the path of brain surgeon Steele (George Brent) who, himself traumatized over a patient's death, had been departing to begin his new career in research, in Dark Victory, 1939.
Dark Victory (1939) -- (Movie Clip) Not Another Headache? Socialite Judith (Bette Davis), seeking support from friend Ann (Geraldine Fitzgerald), appears unready for a grim diagnosis delivered by Dr. Steele (George Brent) in Dark Victory, 1939.
Dark Victory (1939) -- (Movie Clip) You've The Spirit In You (Partial Spoiler!) Heiress and relapsed brain tumor patient Judith (Bette Davis) after a day of triumphant riding visits her Irish horse trainer Michael (Humphrey Bogart) who, unaware of her current condition, has long hidden his adoration, in Dark Victory, 1939.
Crown V. Stevens (1936) -- (Movie Clip) No Harm In Saying Hello Director Michael Powell's opening, leading man Patric Knowles as "Chris," Mabel Poulton as "Mamie" and Billy Watts as leering "Joe," from one of what the director called his "quota quickies" made for the Warner Bros' subsidiary Teddington Studios, Crown V. Stevens, 1936.
Crown V. Stevens (1936) -- (Movie Clip) Char Woman Found Him Innocent Chris (Patric Knowles) is about to seek mercy from a Notting Hill money lender whom he is surprised to find dead, as-yet nameless Doris (Beatrix Thomson) hefting the smoking gun, police (Bernard Miles supporting Allan Jeayes) investigating afterward, in director Michael Powell's Crown V. Stevens, 1936.
Crown V. Stevens (1936) -- (Movie Clip) Any Man You Wanted Some noteworthy choices by director Michael Powell, as unhappy wife Doris (Beatrix Thomson), whom we know has committed a maybe-justified murder, receives old chorus-line pal Ella (Googie Withers), Davina Craig and Frederick Piper her maid and husband, in the low-budget Crown V. Stevens, 1936.
Dark Victory (1939) -- (Movie Clip) A Jealous Scene Loyal Ann (Geraldine Fitzgerald) secretly visits brain surgeon Frederick (George Brent), to discuss his undisclosed fatal prognosis for his patient, her best friend and boss Judith (Bette Davis) who rings up, and who has meanwhile fallen for the doctor, in Dark Victory, 1939.
Something Always Happens -- (Movie Clip) Restaurant Peter (Ian Hunter) impresses Cynthia (Nancy O'Neil) and bamboozles a waiter in Michael Powell's Something Always Happens, (1934).
Something Always Happens -- (Movie Clip) Meeting Peter Middleton (Ian Hunter) and Billy (John Singer) find common ground after meeting in a London street fracas, in director Michael Powell's Something Always Happens, (1934).