William Desmond





Cast (Feature Film)

Smooth Talk (1986)
Laura'S Dad
Act One (1963)
George Jean Nathan
Song of the Sarong (1945)
Frontier Badmen (1943)
Junior G-Men of the Air (1942)
Nice Girl? (1941)
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie (1941)
The Boys from Syracuse (1940)
A Little Bit of Heaven (1940)
Uncle Francis
Arizona Days (1937)
The stranger
Hollywood Boulevard (1936)
Headin' for the Rio Grande (1936)
Mr. Mack
The Tia Juana Kid (1936)
Song of the Gringo (1936)
Court clerk
Defying the Law (1936)
Jim Kenmore
The Broken Coin (1936)
Treachery Rides the Range (1936)
Song of the Saddle (1936)
Cavalry (1936)
Custer's Last Stand (1936)
Wagon master
The Black Coin (1936)
The Vigilantes Are Coming (1936)
The Frisco Kid (1935)
Born to Battle (1935)
Border Guns (1935)
Tulsa Pete
Timber Terrors (1935)
Bob Parker, the Timber Terror
Courage of the North (1935)
Gene Travis
Powdersmoke Range (1935)
"Happy" Hopkins
Nevada (1935)
The Rawhide Terror (1935)
The Ghost Rider (1935)
Cyclone of the Saddle (1935)
Wagon master
The Cowboy and the Bandit (1935)
The Roaring West (1935)
I Can't Escape (1934)
When Lightning Strikes (1934)
Marshall Stevens
Frontier Days (1934)
Tailspin Tommy (1934)
The Vanishing Shadow (1934)
Pirate Treasure (1934)
Mr. Broadway (1933)
Sam, in the flashback scene
Rustlers' Roundup (1933)
Sheriff Holden
Strawberry Roan (1933)
Colonel Brownlee
Laughing at Life (1933)
Clancy of the Mounted (1933)
Gordon of Ghost City (1933)
The Three Musketeers (1933)
The Phantom of the Air (1933)
A Scarlet Week-End (1932)
Fargo Express (1932)
The Last Frontier (1932)
Heroes of the West (1932)
First Aid (1931)
Chief of police
Hell Bent for Frisco (1931)
The Editor
Oklahoma Jim (1931)
The Vanishing Legion (1931)
The Phantom of the West (1931)
Battling With Buffalo Bill (1931)
No Defense (1929)
John Harper
The Devil's Trademark (1928)
Morgan Gray
The Vanishing Rider (1928)
Tongues of Scandal (1927)
Gov. John Rhodes
Red Clay (1927)
Chief John Nisheto
The Return of the Riddle Rider (1927)
The Winking Idol (1926)
Strings of Steel (1926)
Straight Through (1925)
Good Deed O'Day
Blood and Steel (1925)
Gordon Steele
Outwitted (1925)
Jack Blaisdel
The Burning Trail (1925)
"Smiling Bill" Flannigan
The Meddler (1925)
Richard Gilmore
Duped (1925)
John Morgan
Ridin' Pretty (1925)
Sky Parker
Barriers of the Law (1925)
Rex Brandon
The Sunset Trail (1924)
Happy Hobo
The Breathless Moment (1924)
Billy Carson
The Measure of a Man (1924)
John Fairmeadow
Big Timber (1924)
Walter Sandry
The Riddle Rider (1924)
The Extra Girl (1923)
Shadows of the North (1923)
Ben "Wolf" Darby
McGuire of the Mounted (1923)
Bob McGuire
Beasts of Paradise (1923)
Around the World in 18 Days (1923)
The Phantom Fortune (1923)
Night Life in Hollywood (1922)
Perils of the Yukon (1922)
The Child Thou Gavest Me (1921)
Tom Marshall
Fightin' Mad (1921)
Bud McGraw
Dangerous Toys (1921)
Jack Gray
Women Men Love (1920)
David Hunter
A Broadway Cowboy (1920)
Burke Randolph
The Parish Priest (1920)
Rev. John Whalen
Twin Beds (1920)
Harry Hawkins
Her Code of Honor (1919)
Eugene La Salle
Dangerous Waters (1919)
Jimmie Moulton
Whitewashed Walls (1919)
Larry Donovan
The Blue Bandanna (1919)
Jerry Jerome
Bare-Fisted Gallagher (1919)
"Bare-fisted" Gallagher
The Prince and Betty (1919)
John Maude
Life's a Funny Proposition (1919)
Jimmie Pendleton
The Prodigal Liar (1919)
Percival Montgomery Edwards
The Mints of Hell (1919)
Dan Burke
A Sage Brush Hamlet (1919)
Larry Lang
The Blue Bandana (1919)
The Pretender (1918)
Bob Baldwin
Deuce Duncan (1918)
Deuce Duncan
Wild Life (1918)
Chick Wardrobe
Closin' in (1918)
Jack Brandon
The Sea Panther (1918)
Paul Le Marsan
Old Hartwell's Cub (1918)
Bill Hartwell
Society for Sale (1918)
"Honorable Billy"
An Honest Man (1918)
Benny Boggs
Beyond the Shadows (1918)
Jean Du Bois
Captain of His Soul (1918)
Horace Boyce
Hell's End (1918)
Jack Donovan
The Marriage Bubble (1918)
Paws of the Bear (1917)
Ray Bourke
Blood Will Tell (1917)
Samson Oakley III
Fighting Back (1917)
The Weakling
Time Locks and Diamonds (1917)
"Silver Jim" Farrel
Flying Colors (1917)
Brent Brewster
Paddy O'Hara (1917)
Paddy O'Hara
The Iced Bullet (1917)
The author/Horace Lee
Master of His Home (1917)
Carson Stewart
The Last of the Ingrams (1917)
Jules Ingram
The Sudden Gentleman (1917)
Garry Garrity
The Sorrows of Love (1916)
Guido Perli
The Waifs (1916)
Arthur Rayburn
Not My Sister (1916)
Michael Arnold
A Gamble in Souls (1916)
Arthur Worden, Evangelist
Lieutenant Danny, U.S.A. (1916)
Lieutenant Danny Wardrobe
Bullets and Brown Eyes (1916)
Prince Carl
The Criminal (1916)
Donald White
Peggy (1916)
Reverend Donald Bruce
The Dawn Maker (1916)
Bruce Smithson
The Payment (1916)
Peer Gynt (1915)
The parson
Kilmeny (1915)
Bob Meredith
The Majesty of the Law (1915)
Jackson Morgan Kent

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