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Vampyres (1974)

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Equus (1977) -- (Movie Clip) What Am I, Polynesian? Bored English psychologist Dysart (Richard Burton), having broken his fevered opening monologue to establish a flashback, recalls the meeting with Hesther (Eileen Atkins), which begins the bizarre story from Peter Shaffer's celebrated play and screenplay, in Equus, 1977.
Equus (1977) -- (Movie Clip) You Can Do Better Than That Impatient in only their second session, psychologist Dysart (Richard Burton) is now trading information with patient Alan (Peter Firth), incarcerated for having blinded several horses, and who reveals some history, and "The Horseman," (John Wyman), in Equus, 1977, from Peter Shaffer's play and screenplay.
Equus (1977) -- (Movie Clip) What Use Is Grief? American director Sidney Lumet begins his interpretation of English playwright Peter Shaffer's adaptation of his own London and Broadway sensation, Richard Burton with his arresting portrait of the psychologist Dysart, from Equus, 1977, featuring Peter Firth and Joan Plowright.
Equus (1977) -- (Movie Clip) Thick As Thieves Psychologist Dysart (Richard Burton) already somewhat on his heels, his first meeting with Dora (Joan Plowright), mother of his new teenage patient who's taken to blinding horses, joined by the worried father Frank (Colin Blakely), in director Sidney Lumet's version of the hit play Equus, 1977.
Equus (1977) -- (Movie Clip) Horses Don't Oversleep In the recollection of psychiatric patient Alan (Peter Firth), institutionalized for blinding horses, his introduction by friendly equestrian Jill (Jenny Agutter) to his employer to-be Dalton (Harry Andrews), from Equus, 1977, adapted by Peter Shaffer from his acclaimed play.
Amadeus (1984) -- (Movie Clip) Proper German Virtues In his first meeting with the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph (Jeffrey Jones) and court composer Salieri (F. Murray Abraham), Mozart (Tom Hulce) pitches an opera, then shreds the welcoming tune Salieri wrote for him, in Milos Forman's Amadeus, 1984.
Amadeus (1984) -- (Movie Clip) Open, I Confess! Director Milos Forman's chilling opening, two servants (Vincent Schiavelli, Brian Pettifer) panic upon finding their master, the composer Salieri (F. Murray Abraham), in extremis, in Amadeus, 1984, from Peter Shaffer's play and screenplay.
Amadeus (1984) -- (Movie Clip) You're A Fiend! Composer Salieri (F. Murray Abraham), hiding after being caught indulging his sweet tooth, does not at first realize that the cad (Tom Hulce) pursuing Constanze (Elizabeth Berridge) is his new rival composer Mozart, during an occasion at court in Vienna, in Milos Forman's Amadeus, 1984.