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The Fallen Idol - Movie Poster
Here is the 1-sheet movie poster from the American release of the British film The Fallen Idol (1948), starring Ralph Richardson. One-sheets measured 27x41 inches, and were the poster style most commonly used in theaters.
Remorques - Movie Poster
Here is an original French movie poster for Remorques (1941), starring Jean Gabin, Madeleine Renaud, and Michele Morgan.
Higher and Higher - Lobby Cards
Here are a few Lobby Cards from RKO's Higher and Higher (1943), featuring Frank Sinatra. Sinatra filmed a supporting role for the film, but his fame was so great by the time the movie was released, the studio billed it as "The Sinatra Show."


Movie Clip

Loving Couples (1964) — (Movie Clip) Beware Of Women Introducing the third expectant mom at a pre-WWI Swedish hospital, Harriet Andersson as Agda in a reckless attempt to induce labor while the head doctor Lewin (Gunnar Björnstrand) muses contemptible attitudes to junior colleague Sam (Henrik Schildt), first-time director Mai Zetterling working from her script co-written with husband David Hughes, in Loving Couples, 1964.
Dreamscape (1984) -- (Movie Clip) Cerebral Peeping Tom Ready for his first dream-linking experiment, overseen by scientists Novotny (Max von Sydow) and DeVries (Kate Capshaw), psychic-genius subject Alex (Dennis Quaid) has more success than expected connecting to steel-worker Hardy (Fred Waugh), the first big special effects scene, in Dreamscape, 1984.
Dreamscape (1984) -- (Movie Clip) Doctor Deep Freeze Ambivalent, playful and petulant psychically gifted genius Alex (Dennis Quaid) has been persuaded to take part in a dream research project, doesn’t mind admitting he’s more interested in fetching scientist Dr. DeVries (Kate Capshaw), in Dreamscape, 1984.
Dreamscape (1984) -- (Movie Clip) He Was An Authentic Genius Introducing principals via the pacey opening with Virginia Kiser running from a nuclear fireball, awakening Eddie Albert, Madison Mason checking on him, then Dennis Quaid in a photo, Max von Sydow as Dr. Novotny, Kate Capshaw as Dr. Devries, Christopher Plummer as Blair, then finally at the Los Alamitos track, in the popular sci-fi/thriller Dreamscape, 1984.
Le Notti Bianche (a.k.a. White Nights) -- (Movie Clip) He Was A Foreigner Natalia (Maria Schell) is at last warming to Mario (Marcello Mastroianni), so she begins to open up about her life, allowing director Luchino Visconi's first departure from reality, introducing "The Lodger," Jean Marais, in Le Notti Bianche (a.k.a. White Nights), 1961.
Le Notti Bianche (a.k.a. White Nights) -- (Movie Clip) I May Be Too Bold Mario (Marcello Mastroianni) has returned to the bar where he met Natalia (Maria Schell, speaking Italian she learned in two weeks) the night before, where she didn't quite promise to meet him again, early in Luchino Visconti's Le Notti Bianche (a.k.a. White Nights), 1961.
Brothers Karamazov, The (1958) -- (Movie Clip) You're Almost A Monk Father Fyodor (Lee J. Cobb) is busy debauching when novitiate son Alexey (William Shatner) drops by to seek funds for his brother, in Richard Brooks' brave attempt to film Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov, 1958.
Brothers Karamazov, The (1958) -- (Movie Clip) Nothing Can Be Immoral Director Richard Brooks brings in Dostoyevsky characters, Richard Basehart as Ivan, pestered by Smerdyakov (Albert Salmi) as he greets his brother's bride Katya (Claire Bloom), then Maria Schell as Grushenka, accompanying evil dad Fyodor (Lee J. Cobb), in The Brothers Karamazov, 1958.
Brothers Karamazov, The (1958) -- (Movie Clip) You Wouldn't Beat Your Mother Military man Dmitri (Yul Brynner) has not yet met tavern owner and seductress Grushenka (Maria Schell), newly engaged to his evil father, whom he means to confront about why she bought his debts, in Richard Brooks' treatment of the Dostoyevsky novel, The Brothers Karamazov, 1958.
Brothers Karamazov, The (1958) -- (Movie Clip) I Can Always Smell Money Music by Bronislau Kaper, Maria Schell lusty as Grushenka, and Yul Brynner as Dmitri, succumbing to a family flaw, in Richard Brooks' version of the Dostoyevsky novel, The Brothers Karamazov, 1958.
Higher And Higher (1943) -- (Movie Clip) Disgustingly Rich Jack Haley leads the staff in a song from the Rodgers and Hart Broadway show, about the plan to launch maid Michele Morgan as a debutante, with Mary Wickes, young Mel Tormè, Marcy McGuire, Paul Hartman, Grace Hartman, Ivy Scott, Leon Errol, early in Higher And Higher, 1943.
Higher And Higher (1943) -- (Movie Clip) My Name's Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra opens in his first starring role, as a guy named Sinatra, the crooning affluent neighbor renewing acquaintance with Michele Morgan, a maid who’s masquerading as a debutante, greeted by Marcy McGuire, piano by Dooley Wilson, song by Jimmy McHugh and Harold Adamson, in Higher And Higher,1943.