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Viking Queen, The (1967) -- (Movie Clip) This Was A Land The folks at Hammer are confident with this narrated framing, archaic maps and rampaging Romans, nice Irish countryside opening The Viking Queen, 1967, starring Don Murray and the little-seen Finnish model Carita (Järvinen), in her only lead role.
Viking Queen, The (1967) -- (Movie Clip) I Must Name My Successor Dying king Priam (Wilfrid Lawson)of Britain's Iceni tribe, daughters Salina, Beatrice and Talia (Carita, Adrienne Cori, Nicola Pagett) standing by, deals with Druid priest Maelgan (Donald Houston), and chooses an unexpected successor, in The Viking Queen, 1967, from Hammer films.
Viking Queen, The (1967) -- (Movie Clip) The Empire Needs Slaves! At her father's funeral, new tribal queen Salina (Carita) is not cool with rites overseen by Druid priest Maelgan (Donald Houston), when rowdy Roman occupiers ride up, their commander Justinian (Don Murray) soon persuading all to chill, in The Viking Queen, 1967, from Hammer Films.
Knights Of The Round Table (1954) -- (Movie Clip) Spoiled My Fight The first meeting between Lancelot (Robert Taylor), who's come to serve the new king, and Arthur (Mel Ferrer), who fight over a minor offense until they exchange names, Maureen Swanson the escorted bystander, in MGM's first wide-screen film, Knights Of The Round Table, 1954.
Knights Of The Round Table (1954) -- (Movie Clip) I Make You Henceforth The Queen's Champion The pretty form of Guinivere (Ava Gardner) is emphasized in her speedy wedding to Arthur (Mel Ferrer) and Lancelot (Robert Taylor) arriving late, is rewarded for his service, in MGM's Knights Of The Round Table, 1953.
Place Of One's Own, A (1945) -- (Movie Clip) It's Rude To Stare Invited to meet their new neighbors the Smedhursts (James Mason, Barabara Mullen), the Manning-Tutthorns (Helen Haye, Michael Shepley) have brought nephew Robert (Dennis Price), who is dazzled by their hired companion Annette (Margaret Lockwood), in the ghost story A Place Of One's Own, 1945.
Place Of One's Own, A (1945) -- (Movie Clip) You'll Never Convince A Man We've just met the Smedhursts (Barbara Mullen, and James Mason playing elderly), retired to a long-vacant house they've bought in the English Midlands, and here we meet Annette (Margaret Lockwood), hiring on as a companion, in the Gainsborough Pictures ghost story A Place Of One's Own, 1945.
Night Fighters, The (1960) -- (Move Clip) The Poet Goes Forth 1941 Northern Ireland, locals Don (Dan O'Herlihy) and Sean (Richard Harris) observe as Nazi-trained IRA man Malone (Christopher Rhodes) arrives, later introducing friends Jimmy (Cyril Cusack) and Dermot (Robert Mitchum), and his girl Neeve (Anne Heywood), early in The Night Fighters, 1960.
Night Fighters, The (1960) -- (Move Clip) Hold You Flamin' Tongue! Dermot (Robert Mitchum), who's just joined the IRA during WWII, with pal Jimmy (Cyril Cusack), then home where a policeman (Geoffrey Golden) is visiting his family (Harry Brogan, Eileen Crowe, Marianne Benet, Niall MacGinnis), in The Night Fighters, 1960.
Zulu -- (Movie Clip) Cooperate Lieutenants Bromhead (Michael Caine) and Chard (Stanley Baker) discuss their command structure as conflict looms in Zulu, 1964.
Zulu -- (Movie Clip) Bromhead Lieutenant Bromhead (Michael Caine) arrives at the tiny British garrison in Natal Province, finding Lieutenant Chard (Stanley Baker) already engaged in mundane business in Zulu, 1964.
Zulu -- (Movie Clip) Battle Plan Boer scout Adendorf (Gert van den Bergh), joins lieutenants Chard (Stanley Baker) and Bromhead (Michael Caine) in plans to fight the Zulus in Zulu, 1964.