Jeff Corey

Acting Coach, Actor
Jeff Corey


Birth Place
New York City, New York, USA
August 10, 1914
August 16, 2002
Cause of Death
Complications From A Fall


Jeff Corey was a supporting player of Broadway and feature films when the dark cloud of the blacklisting snatched his acting career away from him in the 1950s. Rather than leave the profession he loved so dearly, he became one of the foremost acting instructors in Hollywood, opening not just his own studio, but returning to college at UCLA, earning a degree, and teaching at California St...

Family & Companions

Hope Victorson
Married in 1938.


Jeff Corey was a supporting player of Broadway and feature films when the dark cloud of the blacklisting snatched his acting career away from him in the 1950s. Rather than leave the profession he loved so dearly, he became one of the foremost acting instructors in Hollywood, opening not just his own studio, but returning to college at UCLA, earning a degree, and teaching at California State, Northridge as well. When the cloud had ended, Corey re-emerged as a character player, often of kindly old men with a rough-hewn upbringing, and as a director of TV episodics including ten installments of "Night Gallery" (NBC, 1970-72).

With large, warm eyes, bushy salt 'n' pepper hair, and an angular chin, Corey has been known to audiences as Ann Romano's father on "One Day at a Time" and as the retired lawyer who helped Robert Blake with legal matters on "Hell Town" (NBC, 1985). Corey first played Broadway in 1936, as Rosencrantz to Leslie Howard's "Hamlet." By 1940, he was in Hollywood, working for MGM in "Third Finger, Left Hand" and he had a more substantial role in RKO's version of "The Devil and Daniel Webster" (1941), as Tom Sharp, the man who sells his soul to Satan. But most of his roles during the decade were minor, such as playing a reporter in "Miracle on 34th Street" (1947), and a prison guard in "Joan of Arc" (1948). He was ranch hand Tim Murphy in "My Friend Flicka" (1947) and played Abe Lincoln for Republic Studios in "Rock Island Trail" (1950).

Always a freelancer, Corey played in eight films in 1951 before being named by several witnesses to the House Committee on Un-American Activities and finding himself all but banned from work in Hollywood, despite his relatively minor status on the totem pole. Rather than try to revive a stage career in New York and with TV also a closed door, Corey began teaching acting workshops in L.A. Finally, in 1963, he returned to the screen with a small role in "The Balcony" (which also boasted Lee Grant, another re-emerging victim of the blacklisting). His features now made leathery by the elements, his craft now more fluid, Corey became a frequent screen presence in supporting roles, sometimes in roles of greater importance than he could have won before 1950. He was Scott Wilson's father in "In Cold Blood" (1967), and a sheriff with an eye on "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" (1969). He played Wild Bill Hickock in "Little Big Man" (1970), alongside Dustin Hoffman, and the rabbi whose opinion is sought on John Denver's claims of seeing the divine in "Oh, God!" (1977). He reprised his role of Bledsoe in "Butch and Sundance: The Early Years" (1979), and was the grand vizier in "Conan the Destroyer" (1984). TV also opened up in the 60s and Corey appeared in episodes of most of the leading series, although he did not become a series regular until "Hell Town." Corey appeared alongside Sylvia Sidney and Kate Reid as retirees sharing their space with orphans in "Morningstar/Eveningstar" a short-lived 1986 CBS series. Corey made his TV-movie debut in "The Movie Murderer" (NBC, 1970), and played Prince Feiyad in "Harold Robbins' 'The Pirate'" (CBS, 1978). He began directing for TV with episodes of the short-lived NBC series "The Psychiatrist" (1971) and has since helmed many others.



Cast (Feature Film)

Ted (1999)
The Lottery (1996)
Burt Lancaster: Daring To Reach (1996)
Surviving The Game (1994)
Color of Night (1994)
The Judas Project (1993)
Beethoven's 2nd (1993)
Payoff (1991)
Bird On A Wire (1990)
To My Daughter (1990)
A Deadly Silence (1989)
Secret Ingredient (1989)
Messenger Of Death (1988)
Second Serve (1986)
Final Jeopardy (1985)
Father of Hell Town (1985)
Creator (1985)
Conan The Destroyer (1984)
The Sword And The Sorcerer (1982)
Cry For the Strangers (1982)
Homeward Bound (1980)
Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)
Butch and Sundance: The Early Days (1979)
Jennifer (1978)
Luke Baylor
The Wild Geese (1978)
Oh, God! (1977)
Captains Courageous (1977)
Curse of the Black Widow (1977)
Moonshine County Express (1977)
Preacher Hagen
The Last Tycoon (1976)
Banjo Hackett: Roamin' Free (1976)
The Premonition (1975)
Detective Mark Denver
Paper Tiger (1975)
Mr King
The Gun and the Pulpit (1974)
Head Of Posse
Set This Town on Fire (1973)
Something Evil (1972)
Clay Pigeon (1971)
The doctor
Catlow (1971)
They Call Me MISTER Tibbs (1970)
Captain Marden
Getting Straight (1970)
Dr. Wilhunt
Little Big Man (1970)
Wild Bill Hickok
Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970)
Cover Me Babe (1970)
Impasse (1969)
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)
Sheriff [Ray] Bledsoe
True Grit (1969)
Tom Chaney
The Boston Strangler (1968)
John Asgeirsson
In Cold Blood (1967)
Dick's father
Seconds (1966)
Mr. Ruby
Mickey One (1965)
Once a Thief (1965)
Lieutenant Kebner
The Cincinnati Kid (1965)
Lady in a Cage (1964)
The Wino
The Balcony (1963)
The Yellow Canary (1963)
Red Mountain (1952)
Never Trust a Gambler (1951)
Lou Brecker
Superman and the Mole-Men (1951)
Luke Benson
New Mexico (1951)
Fourteen Hours (1951)
Sgt. Farley
The Prince Who Was a Thief (1951)
Rawhide (1951)
Luke Davis
Only the Valiant (1951)
Joe Harmony
Sirocco (1951)
Singing Guns (1950)
The Next Voice You Hear (1950)
The Outriders (1950)
The Nevadan (1950)
Bright Leaf (1950)
John Barton
Rock Island Trail (1950)
Abe Lincoln
Bagdad (1949)
Mohammed Jad
City Across the River (1949)
Lt. Louie Macon
Home of the Brave (1949)
Follow Me Quietly (1949)
Sgt. Art Collins
Hideout (1949)
Roughshod (1949)
Jed Graham
Kidnapped (1948)
A Southern Yankee (1948)
Union Cavalry Sgt.
Canon City (1948)
[Carl] Schwartzmiller
Homecoming (1948)
Cigarette smoker
The Wreck of the Hesperus (1948)
Joshua Hill
Let's Live Again (1948)
Wake of the Red Witch (1948)
Alias a Gentleman (1948)
I, Jane Doe (1948)
Immigration officer
Joan of Arc (1948)
Her prison guard [John Gray]
California (1947)
Unconquered (1947)
The Gangster (1947)
Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
The Flame (1947)
Ramrod (1947)
Hoppy's Holiday (1947)
Brute Force (1947)
The Shocking Miss Pilgrim (1947)
Rendezvous with Annie (1946)
The Killers (1946)
Blinky Franklin
Somewhere in the Night (1946)
Bank teller
It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog (1946)
Sam Black
Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943)
Grave digger
The Moon Is Down (1943)
My Friend Flicka (1943)
Tim Murphy
Roxie Hart (1942)
Syncopation (1942)
Kit's attorney
Who Is Hope Schuyler? (1942)
Paris Calling (1942)
Benoit's secretary
The Lone Star Ranger (1942)
North to the Klondike (1942)
Lafe Jordon
The Man Who Wouldn't Die (1942)
Coroner Tim Larsen
The Postman Didn't Ring (1942)
Harwood Green
Girl Trouble (1942)
Mr. Mooney
Tennessee Johnson (1942)
The Lady from Cheyenne (1941)
Small Town Deb (1941)
Mutiny in the Arctic (1941)
Petticoat Politics (1941)
Henry Trotter
All That Money Can Buy (1941)
Tom Sharp
You Belong to Me (1941)
You'll Find Out (1940)
Mr. Brown
Third Finger, Left Hand (1940)
Bitter Sweet (1940)
Man on stairs

Film Production - Main (Feature Film)

The Main Attraction (1963)
Dial coach
The Yellow Canary (1963)
Drama cons

Cast (Special)

The Hustons: Hollywood's Maverick Dynasty (1998)
Blacklist: Hollywood on Trial (1996)
Locals (1994)
The Washing Machine Man (1992)
The Oath: the Sad and Lonely Sundays (1976)
Roxy Page (1976)
Alex Hagopian; Her Brother
The Fuzz Brothers (1973)

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Sinatra (1992)
John Quinlan (Part 1)
Harold Robbins' The Pirate (1978)
Testimony of Two Men (1977)

Life Events


Made Broadway debut as Rosencrantz in "Hamlet"


Made feature film debut, "Third Finger"


Was combat photographer in US Army


Became one of the foremost acting instructors in Hollywood


Made TV-movie debut, "The Movie Murderer"


Directed series "The Psychiatrist" (NBC)


Made appearances on "The Richard Pryor Show" (NBC)


TV series debut as regular, played Lawyer Sam on NBC series "Helltown"


Was regular on "Morningstar/Eveningstar (CBS)


Movie Clip

You'll Find Out (1940) -- (Movie Clip) College Of Musical Knowledge Introductory schtick after a couple of staged scenes with radio listeners, RKO contract players Jeff Corey and Eleanor Lawson are the contestants as bandleader Kay Kyser does his bit based on the NBC radio hit, in the comedy-musical-horror-hybrid vehicle You'll Find Out, 1940, with Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi and Peter Lorre.
Follow Me Quietly (1949) -- (Movie Clip) Editor Lives To Tell Taking a new call on their current case, we learn here that “The Judge” is a serial killer, as cops Grant and Collins (William Lundigan, Jeff Corey) arrive to interrogate newspaper editor McGill (Frank Ferguson), who recounts his attack, in Follow Me Quietly, 1949.
Roughshod (1949) -- (Movie Clip) Puttin' Up Fences And Passin' Laws Homesteader Jed (Jeff Corey) discovers three drovers murdered by escaped convicts in the opening, bringing them to Aspen, Nevada, when he meets the ladies (Gloria Grahame as Mary, leading Myrna Dell, Martha Hyer, and Jeff Donnell as Elaine) headed for Sonora, early in Roughshod, 1949, starring Robert Sterling.
Brute Force (1947) -- (Movie Clip) I Don't Believe In Coincidence Captain Munsey (Hume Cronyn) calls attention to an address by the warden (Roman Bohnen) then, after a legit suicide, accuses the R17 gang (Howard Duff, Jeff Corey, John Hoyt, Burt Lancaster) of crimes, in Jules Dassin's Brute Force, 1947.
Brute Force (1947) -- (Movie Clip) Why Keep On Fighting? Joining director Jules Dassin’s opening, wardens taking roll introducing John Hoyt, Howard Duff, Jeff Corey, Whit Bissell and Jack Overman, Sir Lancelot the singing neighbor, then star Burt Lancaster as Collins, and Hume Cronyn prison Captain Munsey, in Brute Force, from producer Mark Hellinger and writer Richard Brooks.
Home Of The Brave (1949) -- (Movie Clip) All Right For A White Man Army psychiatrist Jeff Corey is attempting narcosynthesis, which was a real experimental hypnosis technique, to try to help amnesiac paralyzed soldier Moss (James Edwards), recalling high school, where he first met comrade Finch (Lloyd Bridges), whom he doesn’t realize is dead, in producer Stanley Kramer’s Home Of The Brave, 1949.
Little Big Man (1970) -- (Movie Clip) My Gunfighter Period Jack (Dustin Hoffman), with intermittent narration recalling his gunfighting career, meets the sensible Wild Bill Hickock (Jeff Corey), in Arthur Penn's revisionist Western Little Big Man, 1970, from the Thomas Berger novel.
Kidnapped (1948) -- (Movie Clip) She Gave Us The Go By First appearance for fugitive Scot Breck (Irish-born Dan O'Herlihy) sort-of rescued by scoundrel Captain Hoseason (Roland Winters) and first mate Shaun (Jeff Corey), their captive David (Roddy McDowall) showing some empathy, in Kidnapped, 1948, from the Robert Louis Stevenson novel.
Kidnapped (1948) -- (Movie Clip) Small Taste For Murder Crucial events as Scottish heir David (Roddy McDowall), still nervous about the intentions of his uncle Ebenezer (Houseley Stevenson), meets Captain Hoseason (Roland Winters), then Ransome (Bobby Anderson) and Shaun (Jeff Corey), in Kidnapped, 1948, from the Robert Louis Stevenson novel.
Seconds (1966) -- (Movie Clip) Very Liberal Settlements Ruby (Jeff Corey) consults with the not quite sold Hamilton/Wilson (John Randolph) about purchasing an identity change, revealing a trump card, Will Geer eavesdropping, in John Frankenheimer's Seconds, 1966.


Never Trust a Gambler - (Original Trailer) A small-time gambler goes on the lam from a murder charge in Never Trust a Gambler (1951).
Fourteen Hours - (Original Trailer) Richard Basehart threatens to jump off the ledge of his fourteenth floor hotel room in Fourteen Hours (1951).
Alias a Gentleman - (Original Trailer) Wallace Beery plays an aging convict who tries to keep his daughter from following in his footsteps in Alias a Gentleman (1948).
In Cold Blood - (Original Trailer) Robert Blake and Scott Wilson play the men who murder a Kansas family In Cold Blood (1967), based on the Truman Capote book.
True Grit - (Original Trailer) John Wayne was awarded Best Actor playing a drunken U.S. Marshal who gets in touch with his True Grit (1969).
Roxie Hart - (Original teaser trailer) To try and kick-start her show-business career, a woman (Ginger Rogers) admits to a Chicago murder in Roxie Hart (1942).
Mickey One - (Original Trailer) Warren Beatty and director Arthur Penn, later to make Bonnie And Clyde (1967), first worked together on the experimental film Mickey One (1965).
Wake of the Red Witch - (Re-issue Trailer) A captain (John Wayne) fights a Dutch shipping magnate for a treasure and the heart of a beautiful woman in Wake of the Red Witch (1948).
Follow Me Quietly - (Original Trailer) Police track a mysterious killer nicknamed "The Judge" in Follow Me Quietly (1949), a film noir thriller directed by Richard Fleischer and starring William Lundigan and Jeff Corey.
You'll Find Out - (Original Trailer) Kay Kyser and his band fight to save a young girl trapped in a haunted mansion in You'll Find Out (1940) starring Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi.
Cincinnati Kid, The - (Original Trailer) Card sharks try to deal with personal problems during a big game in New Orleans in The Cincinnati Kid (1965), starring Steve McQueen.
Next Voice You Hear, The - (Original Trailer) The voice of God mystically appears on the radio, changing all who hear it in The Next Voice You Hear (1950), directed by William A. Wellman.



Nathan Corey
Mary Corey


Hope Victorson
Married in 1938.